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  1. I wonder if the 3D Model is the same as the one we have in the older post from 2020 on Page 7. And if this is now a completely new Model, why?
  2. looks pretty good to me. This is the High Poly Model, I wonder what the "low" poly Model looks like (Game Model) The 3D Artist is verry talented, im a big fan
  3. 1. F22 2. A400M Ich wünschte es würde Flugzeuge für Logistik geben, das würde eine neue Komponente in das Spiel bringen. PS: Mein absolutester TOP Fighter ist aber der Eurofighter, aber den liste ich nicht auf da er ja in Entwicklung ist.
  4. There is no official Chart. What ever you found, it's not official.
  5. Yep, they did not even answer me...
  6. Naja, der Hinweis ist aber schon recht wichtig!
  7. The problem I have with Thrustmaster is the Gimbal. I dont like the feel of the Gimbal, so I'm using at the moment a VKB Joystick. But there I have a different problem with flickering buttons...
  8. I did, if its less than 2k then im intrested...
  9. Hi, does anybody know the following Hotas? It’s for a professional Simulator I guess. To know what the price it would be nice https://www.reiser-st.com/components/eurofighter-typhoon-hotas/
  10. Haha, I finally realized that the thumbnail from the YouTube announcement trailer was your new 3D model. I thought it was a picture from a REAL Eurofighter.
  11. WONDERFUL, I knew it! LOVE IT edit: Just saw the new pictures from the newsletter. Guys, your 3D Artist is a legend! All the details look amazing and the 3D topology is now so much better. (not only better, its perfect) It's just Day and Night difference...
  12. Hi, the new pic looks amazing! Is it a new external 3D Model? looks verry good to me!
  13. Wow this is verry intresting. Now I wonder how much thrust we will get^^ 90kn and 60kn is already awesome, but 69kn and 102kn would be well appreciated
  14. einfach die 15-20 sekunden anhören, er muss es wissen.
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