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  1. I would just like to point out there are no defective disks of Lock On: Flaming Cliffs at NaturalPoint. Jason
  2. Hi everyone, First off, let me say that I appreciate ED's statement above from Han that let's everyone know that NaturalPoint was completely unaware that there was indeed any such Lock On Gold until very recently. Being a flight-simmer from way back I know how this complicated product launch looks. When I made statements regarding the allegedly invalid product called Lock On Gold I was doing so based on information received from ED. Please understand that NaturalPoint played no part in this Lock On Gold deal. Our only goal was to bring Lock On: Flaming Cliffs to the USA. As a result, we were able to bring FC to folks outside of the USA as well, which makes this flight-simmer very happy. With the release of Lock On Gold we will re-evaluate our price for FC and if you would still like purchase FC from us you can. On a positve note it appears that full 6DOF in future Lock On releases will indeed happen as planned. So stay tuned. Jason
  3. Oh my. http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/04-community/community-profiles.html Jason
  4. Well, Apparently we can't make everyone happy. At least he bought one. Thanks for the sale dude. :-) Jason
  5. Your Welcome everyone. The box art was not our decision to make. We are in essence just a retailer, albeit a special retailer. It has the TrackIR Enhanced logo on it so we are happy. I'm glad everyone is enjoying it. Jason
  6. Hey guys, I checked out this visor at E3. I talked to the reps of the company. I showed them TrackIR and they were bowled over. TrackIR gives you a much better solution for a fraction of the cost. The colors were not impressive and once the visor is on,good luck hitting your keyboard. My 02. cents from someone who has tried it. Jason
  7. Hi everyone, More Good news. Orders are now being fullfilled. All pre-orders should be filled by Wednesday and on the way. There is a lot to package up. Please see my comments above regarding the different shipping methods. Enjoy! Jason
  8. Buzz used to be in my Squadron and he is a great guy. Good job getting him a TrackIR. But how about next time we actually encourage someone to actually buy one! LOL! Just kidding of course. Jason
  9. I'll try try to answer your questions: I have no idea what if any furhter money will be required on the slow option. That is between you and your nation's governement. We ship all over the world and I don't have a clue as to what all their different rules and regs are regarding receiving packages. I wish I did, but I don't. it's just one of those things that is incumbent upon the consumer to know. We just sell it and ship it. Sorry I don't have a more precise answer. Regarding the length of time that it takes for the slow option to any given country is again I don't know. The information we gathered said anywhere from as little as 10 days to as long as 4 weeks. I know that's a big spread, but again it depends on the country it's going to. Usually the bigger more industrialized nations are faster as a general rule. Like I said above, we are doing our best with the options available to us and some patience by everyone is warranted. It has been a great adventure getting this product to you guys and hopefully we can do it again in the future. Jason
  10. Hi everyone, Good news. We have confirmation that our initial shipment of Flaming Cliffs is on the way. We will be filling orders all this weekend and actually shipping them out beginning of next week. ***IMPORTANT*** If you have ordered a copy that will be sent via UPS. You may receive an email with a tracking number before Monday. If you do, be advised that you will not be able to actually track it until Monday night or Tuesday morning Pacific time. Please don't panic. If you have ordered a copy and live outside the U.S and have chosen the slower/cheaper option via U.S. Postal Service you will have no tracking number or way to track it. Sorry. Please don't come unglued about this. This option was offered to give our international customers a cheaper option. We have no control over the USPS mail system. A little patience will be required I am sure. Also, remember that NaturalPoint is not responsible for any taxes or fees that may be required to secure delivery of your order. Please consult your local government official, member of Parliament, Prime Minister, Premier, President or Dictator to scream at him or her for not allowing free trade. :-) So, sit back, relax and think about all the fun you will be having with Flaming Cliffs in the relatively near future. Jason
  11. Guys, Just a heads up. The date for us receiving our first shipment of boxes has slipped. Please don't throw tomatoes. It's out of my hands. Hopefully they will be on a plane to the States within the week and once we have them, believe me, I'd like nothing more then to get these bad boys out to you all! Hang in there. I'm sorry I can't make any promises. But rest assured we are doing everything we can to get them to you just as fast as possible. Jason
  12. Come on now..someone do that in LOMAC 1.1! Don't forget to film it. Jason
  13. Ok guys. Small update. Please don't lynch me!! Due to forces out of NaturalPoint's control, the boxed version that we are selling will probably not be ready for shipment from our facility until approximately the 12th of May. Again, this is not our fault. We are at the mercy of other organizations. Please bear with us as we endeavour to get this title shipped as soon as possible. Regards, Jason TrackIR Product Manager
  14. True, but most references here don't include the small slice of Africa and the far Western Europe. So excuse my small generalization. What a tiny thing thing to argue with me over. Just buy the game and have fun. Jason
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