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  1. I have the same errors. Though i dont think it causes our game to crash.
  2. i thought you cannot export from gmax to 3dsmax
  3. How do you know that? Maybe the military wants you to think that ;) .
  4. Hmm, i meant to quote rogue_blade on his comment, i totally agree with your arguments. My bad.
  5. I've contributed to quite some opensource/mod environments that i presume i have some knowledge about how these things (even in flightsim's) work out.
  6. i thought for redundancy they should work without electricity.
  7. I know of the problem, i just suggested a 'solution'.
  8. how about just asking awacs if its friend or foe.
  9. In what way will leaking the code benefit us?
  10. try renaming cafe.cmd to _cafe.cmd and rename your structure model to cafe.lom
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