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  1. Does this work in multiplayer? Can you lase for other players from the Reaper?
  2. I second this report. Noticed it today. And yea, I am with zyll that these reports should correspond with your nose otherwise they are of little value. I believe this to be a bug of how Ase contacts are plotted on the TSD in north orientation.
  3. I am working towards this as an ultimate goal. To visually represent the current mission but also track missions over time attributed to a campaign. The idea is that once someone has uploaded the XML file from Tabview up to the server, it gets processed into the DB and then these dashboards update with the appropriate stats. With the right queries, the dashboard can also serve as a kind of battle damage assessment tool. Using events from TacView to determine which targets were hit to guide decisions for the next mission they are planning. Will also give players stats on their kill ratio for the mission (or campaign). Give stats on weapon effectiveness....etc. I have been slowly putting this together in Django. Still quite a few significant challenges to overcome but uploading the XML file and processing it into its SQL table components is not one of them. That is done. It's the meaningful queries that give these stats that is the challenge.
  4. Hi there. I have written a Python script that takes a tabview file and builds a SQL Lite DB from the data for SQL queries...analysis, etc. Been trying to contact the Tabview guys to get it posted on their site but they won't even approve my forum account :sad panda: Anyway, here it is if anyone is interested https://github.com/jvanlint/pytacview BTW...I am slowly in the process of building a website that will enable you to upload the file, process it and then pump out stats for a mission. Will keep you posted. It's close.
  5. Yeah...I realise that. The maker of Through the Inferno is investigating how to export missions generated by the mission out to json to be read by this app. Once it gains a bit of traction perhaps others will follow suit. Whilst it does require someone to maintain waypoints, one person does it once and the entire squadron can download them at once. I am also working on letting the user create separate lists of waypoints so you can keep previous missions ones. Also thinking of a kind of "data card" function where you select freqs, waypoints individually in the app and add them to a personal "data card". But I need to start with a minimum viable product first and these features will be follow ons.
  6. 1) Perhaps...but beyond the scope of this app 2) Directly from the sim no....but it is designed to be able someone to quickly capture a waypoint read out over the radio. 3) This is where it is headed eventually 4) unsure yet.
  7. Thanks man. I already have a slight delay of 1 second but perhaps need to play with it more.
  8. Packets dropping Hi there guys. I ma building an iPhone app that will enable people to to reference a bunch of radio frequencies and then let them "send" it to the Hornet. So with one touch a button the app sends all the keystrokes required to program the radio. For eg. "COMM1_PULL 1\n" "COMM1_PULL 0\n" "UFC_1 1\n" "UFC_1 0\n" "UFC_ENT 1\n" "UFC_ENT 0\n" Problem is some of the commands never make it to the sim. It might miss a number or not trigger the COMM1 pull. I know UDP is not reliable for this kind of stuff but how are other people coding around this? Has anyone tried sending a series of button presses rather that just a app based button press software panel?
  9. Hey Jack...do you draw the artwork from scratch?
  10. Are Blacklnoghts exclusively F-18D? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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