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  1. Very sorry to hear this. Thanks for the work you have done and the countless hours of enjoyment and learning you have provided. Rest well.
  2. Put in my vote on massdrop. I hope this goes through :)
  3. I hear ya, and agree whole-heartidly. You never know if yours will suck or be awesome until you build it, though :) If it blows you have learned one of the following: 1. Enough to try again (hopefully better this time). 2. That your time is better spent saving the money to buy a solution. Neither one is any better than the other, just depends on the person.
  4. I imagine anyone with the drive to fly simulators (especially study sims), has a great amount of attention to detail, plenty of patience and usually a fair amount of brainpower. That is the perfect combo for anyone wanting to take it to the next level. You could also look here for inspiration: Mike's Flight Deck I bought the first book (very interesting book) and am looking forward to the follow-up.
  5. try craigs list... or even try making your own. You can always buy a cheap joystick and canabalize it to be used with homemade pedals. It might now look good on the first try, but you might find that you enjoy the homegrown method and make a better second version. DIY Rudder Pedals Homemade metal rudder pedals Rudder pedals with toebrakes How To -- Make Your Own Rudder Pedals Just a thought.
  6. Darn, I didn't realize that we couldn't use different resolutions. Well, there goes that idea for now. I still want to pick one up, they are pretty cool looking.
  7. Alright, so last night I finally got to fly Black Shark for the first time. I spent most of my time just watching the training videos, but I took about an hour to fly the chopper around from one base to another so I could familiarize myself with the handling and all of that. I was amazed with the ease at which the chopper handles, I found it very easy to fly and place where I wanted to. I know that will change once I start utilizing the weapons systems at the same time (hopefully tomorrow night). Has anyone seen Nano Vision's tiny usb powered screens? They are relatively in-expensive at $129, but the resolution is only 800 x 480. I thought it might be perfect to pick up two of them use one for the ABRIS (turned vertically) and one for the targeting screen (horizontally). You can check them out here: mimo-710 Is anyone using these, yet?
  8. online activation. I don't believe there is a disk check.
  9. Yeah, I thought about using this type of thing to create better pans for movie editing. Sometimes the jerky camera moves that people put in aren't the greatest looking things. Good links, thanks
  10. Man, oh man, since initiating the download I am getting popups galore. Please for your own safety don't download from that lame host. I suggest you upload to rapidshare or something like that. I look forward to finishing the download and then watching it.
  11. It is pretty simple to get the url out of the javascript code by either comparing it to other links or just clicking on it and then copying the code that comes up with the new window (ie the video player). Thank you Dutch60 for posting their javascript otherwise I wouldn't have been able to find it). Here you go: [Training Apache Pilots]
  12. Interesting to note that in the Fox News article (posted by: Sleek) they said that the crew flying it was a reserve crew. I wonder if they climbed into a hot plane after much of the check might have been done. I hadn't read about the engine fire, in that case they may have shut down the engine and dumped most of their fuel. Yeah, the engine tumbled forward of te airplane next to the firetruck)... I, too, find it hard to believe that the crew could've missed that (fuel, that is), but you never know.
  13. More like, the investigation has barely started... I am not condemning the crew at all. I was just passing on what my father thought. I wouldn't be surprised if it were something totally different. Still interesting...
  14. anyone know the glide ratio of the c5? I cannot imagine that a loaded galaxy has a great one. I wonder if it would have been worse if it made it to the runway, they probably would have done damage to the plane AND the runway. Maybe not. Pretty sad. Kind of reminds me of the C130 over in the Iraq that was landing at night at an airfield and the crew was never told that they needed to shoot long because of the thirty to fifty foot gap where they cut out the concrete out of the runway. Guess where they ended up... Pretty lame and thankfully nobody died there either, but it could have easily been avoided. Here are a few pics from that accident, my Dad was a navigator for C130's for much of my early life (I'm 31 now). Seeing things like this while he was still flying used to really scare me, it all seemed to real. He and I both feel very attached to this plane as it was an integral part of our lives for nearly 18 years. His only words for these pictures were that they broke his heart mostly becaues it would've been so easy to let them know what was up... I've been in situations where things get overlooked, but thankfully they didn't risk anyones life. Good question...
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