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  1. Just wanted to add a +1 from me too and a thank you to all of the helpful posts!
  2. Tone71

    April Fools!

    Couldn't agree more. Some of the posts on here are unbelievable. "ED have got time to do this but not fix my game, this has ruined my day, I can't play my life is over...". Jeez.
  3. Tone71

    April Fools!

    I despair at those posting that they can't play because of a funny April Fools joke that ED put into their own game! It's one day, it's not going to kill you! I think these people need to step away from their joysticks, look out the window, and consider what are the important things in life. Having said that, ED have posted a workaround, for those that can't cope. Good joke ED, I enjoyed it.
  4. You know if you own the F/A18 you get 50% off the supercarrier, right? I mean, I was going to buy it but then I figured in 20 years time it would come free with DCS Universe 4.5, so I think I'll wait. On second thoughts, I'll just buy it now, and for only £19.82! :joystick::pilotfly:
  5. Tone71


    Folks edit the LUA file because they want to set their default FOV for each aircraft i.e the default level of zoom when you press Enter. It is simple to do and means each aircraft will start with your chosen FOV. You can zoom in and out as normal and with a click of a button (or press of Enter) you'll return to your chosen default, however, this isn't as effective if you map zoom to a slider, as the position of the slider will always determine the level of zoom.
  6. Nothing a couple of Mk84s can't solve...
  7. :thumbup: Both of these posts just about sum it up.
  8. Great news ED, you have my support. I own BS2 and have had countless hours of enjoyment from it, I will happily buy the full price BS3 and even the upgrade as well; you deserve the support and money.
  9. +1 to that. My reaction to title: Great! Oh...
  10. You can use a second monitor to output the MFCDs to, combined with Thrustmasters MFCD buttons over the top makes this even more useful. You can also use a program called Helios to export some of the instruments and dials to the second monitor. It is all quite tricky to set up and to be honest most of the time I use my second monitor for AIMP, Skype or even TV.
  11. You know the last post was over a year ago, right? :doh:
  12. Anyone know where that zoom in at the start has gone? How can I enable it!? I miss it... :megalol:
  13. So sad to hear. My thoughts are with his family, friends and ED team.
  14. Couldn't agree more with the above, all this talk and debate about "what exactly is meant by spring?", can you even hear yourselves? I mean, 5 pages!? I understand being excited about the Hornet, I've paid too and I'm waiting but seriously, it'll get here when it gets here! (oh, and I do remember waiting 9 1/2 weeks for F29 Retaliator on the Atari ST; I swear my grades suffered as a result of being able to think of nothing else for that time! :lol: )
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