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  1. From the pads I've tested, this appears to be fixed in
  2. No issues here. edit: I should clarify, I often experience issues with the trigger not behaving as it should, but in this instance it worked as expected.
  3. My experience with this issue is the trees will work for whatever mission you open first, so if you launch a fresh instance of DCS, load your mission, the trees should be gone. Then if you load a 2nd mission, it seems to no longer care about updating the trees, unless you restart DCS. I'm definitely not 100% sure on this theory, but maybe it'll prove helpful.
  4. No change, still borked - May 27th's
  5. According to Grimes, "This appears to be fixed on an internal build." Fingers crossed for next patch?
  6. I've encountered this also. Players cannot spawn on them, only in them. Players can land on them, however. AI cannot spawn nor land on them. Static spawns inside as well.
  7. My usual method for restraining AI units is to change their ROE: Example Video (Streamable)
    1. GazAce


      Hi there Forest Rat & thanks for making Iron Eagle possible, it looks great & after the first mission I'm really into this. I've hit a snag though. I fly the Hornet & into mission 2 after your startup you need to slowly creep forward out of the hangar & Chappy will then begin his Taxi & your supposed to follow him into the mission but he just sits there. I've tried 4 times absolutely less than walking pace as advised getting out of the hangar & still Chappy doesn't budge. I had a look at the triggers in the ME but all seemed ok but you would be the best one to check that out. I hope you can have a look at this & maybe a quick test in a Hornet as I really want to keep going with this.

      Thanks again for your time, regards GazAce

    2. Forest Rat

      Forest Rat

      First, thanks for the report!  I uploaded (v1.1b).  Remove the old campaign folder and replace with the new one, and you should be set to resume where you left off.  If you lose your progress. please let me know.


      --Discussion-- (Reddit)

      --Iron Eagle (v1.1b)-- (Google Drive)


      I'm not exactly sure what was changed in the latest DCS update, but all of my ground units are now stopping super early, and in this case the fuel truck parked right in front of Chappy.

    3. GazAce


      Much appreciated Forest Rat brother 👍

  8. Loved the Iron Eagle campaign, really well done and thank you!


  9. Now I just need to figure out how to delay-spawn the Big Smoke static object, though I can probably work around that. Destroy Static Fire.miz
  10. My comments are now fixed and working again! Thanks for reporting this, Snakedoc, and thanks for the fix, ED :thumbup:
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