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  1. Oh well I gave up with waiting for Amazon UK to get the manual. I ordered mine from RC simulations at £19.95 + £3.50 postage on Tuesday night. It arrived on Thursday(!!!!) REALLY well packaged. Really pleased. I think if anybody else is waiting on Amazon to get it in I would be inclined to give in - I'm glad I did.
  2. I have now had to give up on Amazon as well, but try RC Simulations. I only ordered mine last night but we are talking £19.95 + £3.50 postage
  3. AMAZON AND THE MANUAL Is there any further news on Amazon getting this title in in the UK or are they now a lost cause????
  4. AMAZON.CO.UK I am going to reraise the question, if I may, as regards whether AMAZON UK are ever going to get the manual in stock - anybody got any inside knowledge? Its just that at one stage I understand people here were going to press ED on this issue as regards actually getting a supply to Amazon. Alternatively has anybody here had communication with Amazon themselves as regards when this might eventuially become available?
  5. THE PRINTED MANUAL AND AMAZON.CO.UK Obviously Amazon UK has had this title listed but not available for a LONG time now. Has anybody any concrete information as regards when and if they will ever get it in? I now know that RC simulations has it for £19.95 + £3.50 P & P but if Amazon (with free postage) are going to get it in 5 secs after I go to RC simulations I am going to kick myself. While I have your attention on this has anybody received their manual from RC yet(?) - do they package things ok as I am collector and would want a mint copy whereever I go.
  6. My apologies if I have missed anything but when is the DVD version of Black Shark going to be available in the UK?. It seems to have hit the US market at retail level but not here. I can go to the USA for the game but since I am a games collector who is likely to be buying any add-ons that are produced I would like to get the game and its follow ons all from the same place as, as we all know, US and UK packaging are VERY different
  7. Won't be buying it I won't be buying the product until the 5 activation limit is removed. If I can get hold of a cd version that doesn't have this limit I will definately be buying. Bad marketing strategy. Nothing more, nothing less. Penalise the honest guy.
  8. I for one would prefer a CD delivery as opposed to a download but in saying this I would prefer to go one stage further and pay that bit extra and go for a properly put together commercoial product. Having just bought 'Dangeropus Waters' - a developer direct only proposition where they want to cut out the middle man they have got everything fine tuned. Purchasing has 2 options 1) The standard edition with only a PDF manual 2) The deluxe edition with a printed manual (that makes the LOMAC manual by Nic Cole[may he rest in peace] look small They did there homework here and set up pre-order facilities meaning they had a good idea of the number of disks to press and manuals to print but more importantly set themselves up a satellite distribution local in europe avoiding awkward customs issues. Why not do the same thing here with a 3rd option in the form of the downloadable update to LOMAC. JUst my thoughts
  9. I have already carried out a search - without success I have already carried out a search without much success. I know that there is NOT going to be a publisher outside of Russia etc meaning that we will not see it on the shelves and therefore an update to the main LOMAC game will be offered in the form of a download and 250MB seems more realistic for such. My question stands though. Will the developer ever put an ENGLISH version of the whole game (or just the update) on DISK that we can order direct from them as opposed to this download process. As a collector as well as a player this is the preferred method for me and look at that potential 'box cover' on the home page- the 'Flaming Cliff's' title is not in Cyrillic - fair point eh?. In the alternative and only an English LOMAC downloadable update is offered I trust that we will be able to back it up to a CD/DVD. With all this talk of Starforce and anti-piracy concerns I do not see that this has been answered. Finally has Starforce been removed from the demo. Honestly guys I woudn't be asking this if I felt that it was readily available. It might be there but I can't find it.
  10. This question has probably been asked before. I live in the UK. Will I be able to order a CD or CD's from Russia with the game on it but in ENGLISH or will the only alternative be a download to this country due to some kind of licensing issue If the download is the only alternative, due to the size of same (1+ GB!!!!), I take it that I will be able to back it up to a CD or DVD and that there will not be any kind of problem with any kind of protection system stopping me from doing this. Finally, whilst I do not fully understand the Starforce issues, is it now 'safe' for me to download the demo - has this Starforce issue been removed?
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