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  1. Welcome to the internet Mr. Hueyman :D Please be aware that discussions on a forum may involve .... er ... well ... discussions ;) Please feel free to start a thread called "Anything around Huey". I, and I am sure that many others, will watch it like a hawk for news of the impending arrival of the Huey and all its rotor wing goodness that we are desperate to enjoy. In the meantime, a bit of harmless discourse around other projects announced by ED \ Belsimtek, such as the Cobra, keeps the interest of the developers, the potential customers and the casual visitors to this website alive. Just my £0.02 :)
  2. Thanks Wolverine, I appreciate your swift reply, only 20 mins to go and I can't wait :)
  3. hi all, before installing v1.12 over v1.11 (D/L version) should i uninstall Modman first? Does Modman work with v1.12? any advice would be great :) a big ty to ED for their continued excellence, may it long continue. S! Trash
  4. thx shamandgg, i'll stop buying the cheap CD's! 92% downloaded, i'm going to install FC then seasons and then v1.11 the lockon.ru forum has a fast and friendly service, thank you :)
  5. SuperKungFu, sorry i should have said, download version shamandgg, my thoughts were the same, install it the same order as before. 2hrs downloading FC setup gives u too much time to think! out of interest, this is my 2nd re-install of FC and both times the copy of the setup file i saved to cd fails to install, any one else have this problem?
  6. Hi all, I'm doing a fresh install to v1.11 and was wondering if I should install the seasons pack before or after the v1.11 patch? It shouldn't make any difference to my mind but thought i'd ask in case. S!
  7. when an AR missile goes active does it still receive data from the host platform? is there any point in holding the lock after an AIM120 or R77 goes active? if the lock is notched will the missile only reacquire by its onboard radar? questions refer to Lock On v1.11 :) many thx, TCM
  8. i've been having some great flights and fights recently on the various servers on hyperlobby. the guys that run these servers have my, and i'm sure many others, eternal gratitude. flying online is a huge step up and i think i have improved my enjoyment of lock on because of it. i'm far from where i want to be as you'll see. i thought i'd share my experience of this evening on the always excellent s77th server. ----------------------------------------------------- Time to fly some Lock On. PC on, fire up hyperlobby. Okay, where's the action? s77th server is 19/32, ping is 135 so that looks like a good place to start. Blue has less pilots so i join that side. Which plane to fly? I'll take the Eagle as she's my favourite bird, but tomorrow i'll put in some serious hours on the Russian planes. I know I need to, but I do love flying the F15. Payload set, tail to #31 and off we go. Once airborne I head off towards the action. I was feeling quietly confident as last night i bagged an Su27 and a Mig29 for no loss. My best haul ever ;) Soon enough, the hunt begins. The TEWS tells me I've got a Mig and a 33 working as a pair at my 1 o'clock and an su27 off to my 10 o'clock closer in. The briefing showed Ukrainian Su27s operating on our side so i swing left, light up the radar and sure enough he's a friendly at about 20 miles. Right, back to business. Roll back out towards the spikes from the 29 and the 33 and I begin to stalk them. Things hot up very quickly and my radar is a mass of jamming. Finally I start to see burnthrough and switch to TWS. I see a pair of bandits lower than me so now its show time. I am now totally focussed on the tagets. I'm aware that the Su27 keeps locking me but for some reason I discard this information as all my concentration is devoted to killing these 2 bandits. I hear the lauch tone grumble and instantly flash my eyes to the TEWS. Is it the Mig? Is it the 33? This will dictate my response. WTF? It's the F****** SU27 !!! OMG, i must have screwed up. I go defensive, pumping decoys and ..... Too late. I'm dead. But how? **Blue XXX (Su27) kills Blue trashcanman (F15C) with a ....... I was TK'd! I honestly don't mind having done it myself on too many occasions. Hit RCVR. Taxi out, start my take off run. 100 knts ..... What's that in the middle to the runway? 150 knts ..... It looks like a ...... wrecked plane rotate ..... rotate ..... rotate ..... mmm, the runway seems higher than it used to be. I think i lost my undercarraige. Yep, I'm sliding down the runway, off the end and into the sea. Time to eject ...... --------------------------------------------------------------- Strange as it may sound, but I had a really good time during all of this :) I've said it before and I'll say it again. Lock On online is the best.
  9. i'm sure i read somewhere that the rwr works best in the same plane as the aircraft so a high to low or low to high shot would, with the increased energy of a shorter range launch, cause the minimal warning you get?
  10. try the 5.9 drivers, best since 5.4 imho
  11. originally posted by Vosxod i'm no expert, far from it in fact, but the AI always launches at max range whereas online launches are mostly at a closer range. your manouvre will defeat a missile with low energy but online more agressive manouvres are needed. try increasing your turn away to 45 degrees and dive at 25 degrees to bleed more energy from the missile before making your turn in. happy to be corrected by those who know better :)
  12. thanks for the info guys, i'm always impressed at the willingness of people to share their knowledge in this forum. Originally posted by GGTharos: does the russian radar still have the 110 (?) degree bank limitation in vertical scan as is the case in bvr mode? this would explain a lot as banking too hard would throw the system into eos automatically and hence no IFF? thanks again.
  13. i have a couple of questions about this in FC in the F15, with radra off and in bvr mode with an AIM120 selected will i get an indication that the amraams seeker head is tracking a target? if so at what sort of range? in the mig29 and su27\33 when in vert scan i don't get a triangle or circle in the mfd as i did in v1.02 when i acquire a target? how do i tell if its a friendly or bandit? sorry for all the noob qstns :)
  14. From a pilot towing a target drone over a navy destroyer for AAA practice: "Target tug to HMS XXX, please inform your fire control team that i am pulling the target not pushing the f***ing thing!"
  15. is eos (in lock on) affected by clouds, weather, fog? i believe that afterburners & aspect angle affect eos detection probability so it would make sense what about ir missiles? are their seeker heads degraded by clouds & fog? jeebus, i think i'm becoming obsessed with this game :)
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