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  1. That would be head on kinematic range with the best possible conditions for the launch.
  2. You're right, that's exactly and only what it is for.
  3. Oh my god..!! That's one of the best, if not THE best model i've ever seen!!
  4. Smell of victory device? Nice! :D
  6. Just a thought here.. Doesn't the HUD display ground speed instead of airspeed? Wouldn't you want to maintain 130km/h airspeed for the best climb rate, using the airspeed indicator?
  7. To be precise, you need to set the delay to 23 hours to get the unit to activate with the trigger.
  8. Hi mangaroca, that sking you used in the example is made by Brewber, and it's a 504th skin, so to answer your question, yes, it's for our squadrons use only, unless the artist decides to publish it for everyone else aswell. Here's couple of other skins by Brewber aswell.. Again, with the 504th/487th logos on..:)
  9. Great pics and even better mission! Seems that the weather has taken a turn to worse after these pics..:)
  10. It is truly great to have someone creating this detailed simulator for a very small group of people, compared to the regular gaming people. Big thank you for your effort, and i for one am looking very much forward to your future projects!
  11. Beatiful work Mizzy, as usual!
  12. As someone has already pointed out, rate kills. So yes, you are 100% correct. And to maintaing the best possible turning rate your aircraft can offer you must do...what? :) And if the missiles are involved and you've spent all your smash in that best break turn you'll ever do and fire a low Pk shot, the other guy dumped flares pre-emptively and spoofed your missile..
  13. Well, what i said was more like if the angles fighter loses all of his smash in the first break turn or from neutral position AND the other guy is smart enough to maintain his energy and goes vertical, the situation gets bad for the angles fighter. Must have been my english and lack of thinking while typing if you got the picture that my belief is that nose authority at slow speed isn't whats wanted. I do believe those matter the more the longer the fight lasts, but i also do believe that the longer it last the more difficult it is to compare aircraft because of different experience between the pilots.
  14. Here's at least few groups.. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=34062 Thanks Crow Bar! :)
  15. Interesting.. would the mig gain so much angles in the brake turn that it would force the other guy to expend significant amounts of his energy too in order to stay at least neutral? What i'm trying to say that if an energy fighter and angles fighter merge, and the latter expends a lot of his energy and does not get a snapshot, isn't the guy with more energy at advantage? Or will the angles fighter force the energy dude to use so much G too that he'll lose speed too? I know that BFM is not that simple, but again i'm just thinking about the very first couple of turns where the fighters would merge with the same energy..:)
  16. I knew someone was going to point this one out. I do realize the great benifits of high AoA capabilities when the fight starts to last a bit longer, especially if the fighters engage in flat scissors. I was talking about the beginning of the fight when the aircraft are fairly neutral. Pulling high AoA from the opposite side of the circle while the other guy is maintaining his corner would propably end up in disaster. I also understand that a hornet guy would not enjoy the situation with a viper pilot if the viper would maintain it's speed, but would do everything he could to get the viper guy to slow down. :)
  17. I'm pretty sure that no pilot will decide in a merge that he'll get slow to explore his superior high AoA regime. Because that is a bad choice. Rate kills, and that means staying in close proximity to corner speed. In BFM the guy with higher energy state in neutral positions will -always- have the advantage, no matter what. Sustained use of +25 or so units AoA will decrease the speed of the aircraft FAST, and that means loss of vertical maneouvring and loss of rate. And loss of options. oh, and not exactly my poem..:)
  18. "I wish i had the alpha of a hornet" "I wish i had 8 amraams like the eagle" yes, OT :) I also wish i had a gun just like the a-10..
  19. Amraam family reunion here? :D Where's Captain Sparrow?
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