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  1. Well, the Germans didn't have any S versions. So that could be a reason for some people, yes. There are still people preferring planes which were flown by their own forces.
  2. Well, they can interpolate lower resolution, thus reducing the sharpness greatly, sometimes with distortions (lines being either broader than supposed or even absent). Most recent graphics drivers support choosing the method how lower resolutions are handled. So there is another option. Instead of interpolating (which the monitor can do itself), you can also choose to display the lower resolution without interpolation. That means you would get black borders around the displayed image. 1024x768 on a 1600x1200 without interpolation would lead to 221 pixels border at top and bottom each and 288 pixels left and right each. But if the monitor is big enough, that can be acceptable. The image quality is much better this way.
  3. Definately not, here is the information about the Meteor program from the UK Ministry of Defence site: http://www.mod.uk/dpa/projects/bvraam.htm As I said, SAAB-Bofors is one of the companies and Sweden wants to buy the missiles for the Gripen.
  4. Well, I know that SAAB is one of the partners who are working on the Meteor project and Sweden already signed the contract to buy them.
  5. Well, at the moment it makes sense to test the AMRAAM. The German F-4s use them for example, so they're in stock already. Concerning the IRIS-T: The last I heard was that delivery to the German Luftwaffe should start this year. Has that been changed lately? Edit: Here it is, from this year's March issue of the German aviation magazine "Flug Revue" (roughly translated):
  6. I finally made it. :) I did almost everything as before... The only thing I changed was that I was even more careful concerning the final approach speed (the supposed "creeping" ;)). It took a little bit longer that way, but when approaching the last 10-25 m with 0-2 km/h the system seems to recognize my approach better. The other times I got that break away command almost at the same time as the second free for contact call (after which the autothrottle engaged and controlling the plane got problematic). This time I had the second free for contact call, only. Then it seemed as if my plane was "sucked" to the right position. Everything else happened as described by the others. Hands away, everything automatic. Looking forward to 1.1 refueling, though I will probably wait till the full version is out. PS: I was so lucky that at about 200m behind, the tanker made his 180° turn. Not funny. :roll: Edit: I seems that controlling problem is still there. I'm continuing the mission on my other computer at the moment and the autothrottle and control weirdness is not gone yet. I could deactivate autothrottle, but pitching is still like I had some kind of counterweight under the plane (like on a sailing boat). I hope it will reconfigure itself, when I'm far away enough from the tanker. How far will that be? Edit 2: Ok, it works again. Though I don't know when it repaired itself, as I had tried the autopilot and altitude hold keys to deactivate it. So I spoiled the test as it could be that I activated altitude hold myself accidentially. However, it was definately activated when leaving the tanker.
  7. That's where my problem starts. I just tried to refuel a SU-33 several times. The result is always that at the moment I'm closest to the hose and should connect every moment, I get the order to break away and then the autothrottle immediately activates. Now, if I do nothing, I will follow the tanker until it turns. Nothing happening. If I break away, my controls are screwed afterwards, no matter if I retract the refueling connector or try to deactivate auto-pilot and autothrottle, somehow I can't control the plane as I should be able to do (strange behaviour especially when I try to control pitch). I did not dare to try to land with those weired controls. Any solutions?
  8. I should stop watching those videos... makes me wanna have a new computer. :( ;) :?:
  9. Missiles? You don't mean the contrails of the other MiG-29, do you? That is quite normal at 25000 ft. Or did I miss anything with the letters to the left? Radar seems to be activated, but what does the A stand for? Something about tracking the target? PS @ Orao : Definately no MiG-21. Or did they build any with 2 engines? ;)
  10. As you are mentioning it, here is another good view (from http://www.fabulousfulcrums.de , a page dedicated to the MIG-29 that served in the German Luftwaffe and their pilots): http://www.fabulousfulcrums.de/Bilder1/Pipper.jpg And a blurry one: http://www.fabulousfulcrums.de/Bilder1/S2.jpg
  11. We got to that conclusion on the SimHQ forum, too. The problem with nVidia is that they don't support that driver option for GeForce 3 and higher cards. RivaTuner has the option, but it's deactivated for those newer cards. The only thing I could imagine is changing the behaviour of Lock-On itself. It is said that the error is due to non-DirectX-conform behaviour of programs. Those bright lines appear where the sky texture touches the border of the screen AND also where background and menu graphics are used (waiting screen, mission editor). But wherever textured objects or particle/shader effects travel over the border, the lines are immediately gone in that area (as can be seen in the image I posted).
  12. If your keyboard has Win (=Windows) keys, then the right one is directly right to your Alt Gr key (which is right to your space key). Right? ;)
  13. I have exactly the same problem. Server is unreachable since about 2 or 3 days ago.
  14. Here is an image of what I get when switching on FSAA on my GeForce 4 Ti 4200. I had to put some black space at the border to make it more visable. Ingame those lines are close to white. This made me switch between AA and no AA depending on flying at day or at night, as it's not that noticable when flying daytime-missions. Any ideas what causes this and how to get rid of that strange error else than switching off AA? I'm running Win XP Pro and LOMAC 1.02. Resolution set to 1280x1024. Problem is independent of using 16 or 32 bit colors. PS: The lines only appear in areas where plain sky (= no clouds, terrain or objects) is visible and only at the upper and left edges of the screens.
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