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  1. It's been a while since I have posted in these forums, but I too am wondering how development is going these days for a DCS DC.
  2. Will the animations be there for the flaps, wing sweep, spoilers, exhaust nozzles, etc? Will these new AI aircraft have somewhat of a realistic flight model?
  3. Besides the awesome looking new 3D models of the bombers is anyone willing to speculate the possible usage that these may carry in the future? Am I the only one daring to say the possibilities into a world map? Don't ask me how I got there. My mind works awkwardly at time and especially on a Friday!
  4. I was expecting a Wednesday update as well, but it could come Friday.
  5. Not trying to discuss, but offering a little cleanup to what SD posted above.
  6. ED doesn't owe us anything. We're lucky to get the updates we do get these days. I'm sure there are so many details with this technology and it's complexity is probably too much to breakdown and sum up to where most in this community can mentally digest it. It will come in time and I hope we can appreciate what is involved to bring it to us.
  7. It's been updated to the 29th now, but my guess is there are some hotfixes to be released.
  8. I'm thinking the same also, but if they get the shake and rattle out of the clouds for VR with a better look I will see that as a major fix.
  9. Thanks for the quick transparency BIGNEWY. This VR thing seems to lend a little more complexity for the developers.
  10. If they get it nailed in this version I will be surprised. I do, however, expect some improvements and it will be an ongoing process in making the clouds better.
  11. Good points DD_Fenrir. I guess my biggest question is can or will it get on par in VR in comparison to the 2D format in the near future? IF the jumping clouds gets resolved soon I will feel they are stepping in much better direction and I can hope down the road the eye candy will come.
  12. Sounds good! Thanks for the update. At least we know that we are hours or maybe a day or so away at least.
  13. It's ED's business model right now and it seems to work well for them, but I get what you're saying. Who knows it could change some time down the road. Some companies have a maintenance agreement that allows them to gain access to software updates, although at a hefty price. On topic though I wonder how the testing is progressing. Are we on track for next Wednesday?
  14. I'm not sure if it's possible within DCS or even a desired feature, but does anyone know how to set multiple views to be shows simultaneously similar to view export of the MFD's? I would like to possibly show, for example cockpit view, released weapon and intended target view or ground perspective at the same time for the purposes of live streaming. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  15. Besides the new clouds, which look pretty awesome, and new features to the beloved Hornet what else will be introduced with 2.7? Will the Marianas map be introduced? I know there has been a tremendous amount of work done over the years for this series, but I am trying to grasp the significance in the jump of the version numbers. We have been holding at 2.5 since mid 2018 and there as been great progress since then. Does 2.7 hold a lot under the hood that we wont see such as a rewrite to the base code? Will there be significant improvements to those using VR? DCS in VR is a huge game changer for me.
  16. I can say that the performance is there using this compared to the initial settings suggested on this thread. There is no slight intended, but I am getting a better experience now. I am enjoying the VR headset more than the Oculus for sure.
  17. First post in the new forum layout. Yeah we have seen this before there has been very little chatter/excitement from what I have observed in anticipation to the patch coming. Again with the new forum layout it's likely I missed something.
  18. No disrespect to his family, coworkers and friends but I have mentioned some time ago that this thread should be locked or moved.
  19. Thanks guys. I must have had a moment and/or glossed over the notes too quickly.
  20. It may be too early to ask, but will A2G radar EXP1, 2 & 3 make it into the OB today?
  21. I just noticed this thread and could not agree more with this statement. Also the statements made about controllable bombers having no value or return seems to be narrow in vision as well.
  22. I see no mention of a release window anywhere. I am sure that is due to the fumbles in past?
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