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  1. When I just opened with winrar and double clicked to view, I couldn't see the video. Try extracting it somewhere then opening it. Worked for me.
  2. This is a little difficult :O Is the rudder effectiveness accurate? A SIDE slip is basically not possible. Even at full rudder deflection, you can not keep your aircraft's longitudinal axis parallel to the runway. For me, crabbing has been unsuccessful without popping tires or having a large drift when lining up (causing more stress to the tires). Even the 152 (flying leaf :D) can be landed much easier in similar crosswinds lol.
  3. I've tried messing around with alt+j and practicing formation flight. Unfortunately, it seems the AI likes to very its speed constantly. It is impossible to maintain very tight formation because the ai will accelerate back and forth much faster than your aircraft can.
  4. Will the tower actually give you the proper altimeter setting? Also, I think you use flight levels above 18,000 not 12,000
  5. What I did was focus on just one aircraft at first. After I went through the training, I chose the "FLY" mission from the main screen for that aircraft and practiced there until I got comfortable controlling everything. Once I did that, I started doing the campaigns. For me, I started off with the A-10 and it turned out to be an easy aircraft to learn and the flying is at a slower pace. I didn't even bother with multiplayer until I had completed the campaigns.
  6. Your hard drive isn't in the FAT32 format is it? It can only handle files up to 4GB.
  7. You don't see less, you see what you normally see in the middle screen, plus extra stuff out on the side. While it looks like you are seeing less there, you would normally only see the HUD, radar, TEWS on a regular monitor. I would love to do this.. if only so I can show off all my practice :D
  8. Looks nice! Even has a little bit of glare around it :)
  9. Whoa now that is a really cool idea! I wish we could do that lol.
  10. Wow that thing makes a huge splash... :D Is it possible to make a smoother landing with gear up? And your link was giving me some issues.. here it is direct http://tmfiles.net/files/vid/lomac/Su-25t_Water.wmv
  11. Nice mission you put together 8) Got it on the first try :mrgreen: The HUD makes life easy :)
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