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  1. eatthis, nVidia RTX 3080 do not support SLI
  2. Funny, Back in 1996 there was a game that is named very closely that I had. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Thunder:_A-10_Tank_Killer_II
  3. Could you please share where that was confirmed? No mention on the product pages in the e-shop. Thank you, Monnie
  4. Any updates when this will be added? Would be nice now the TGP is progressing
  5. Correct. When customers say DCS is too bright, the customers are being told by Eagle Dynamics staff to turn the Gamma down below 2.2 when we should be using a brightness adjustment. When people have calibrated their monitors/gpu, and other games/applications are suitable, there is no reason to make global adjustments just because DCS does not have a brightness adjustment opinion. Hence my poll and suggestion. As well as for VR users, different HMD's have different panel tech so a brightness adjustment within DCS is needed. Thank you, Monnie
  6. Please vote in the poll if you would like Brightness and Contrast Sliders in the GUI instead of using Gamma to control Brightness.
  7. Thank you providing your frametimes. Congratulations on the new system. Wife debt increased 200% :lol: Thank you, Monnie
  8. Wow, that is pretty low No Shadows No MSAA No Anisotropic Filtering Interesting you leave SSLR on Do you use fpsVR? if so, what are your: GPU avg frametimes? CPU avg frametimes? Thank you, Monnie
  9. I appreciate the help petsild. :thumbup: I am not trying to remove shadows. Trying to get developer level solutions to stop the flickering/flashing of the shadows we have in the DCS engine. Thank you, Monnie
  10. Problem: Terrain shadows are flickering and flashing Repeatability: 100% DCS Clean and Repair: Done Removed FXO and Metashaders2 from Saved Games: Done DCS Version: OpenBeta Mission File: Default F/A-18C Caucasus Free Flight Options Tested: Tried both Default and Flat terrain shadows. Shadows on High 4xMSAA @3840x2160 System: All system drivers up to date. Using nVidia 446.14 Description: Terrain shadows are flickering and flashing no matter what settings. Thank you, Monnie dcs_Log.zip Flickering_Flashing Shadows.trk
  11. ED, Please turn down the haze or give us the options in the weather section of the mission editor. Thank you, Monnie
  12. Thank you so much for getting this reported. Have a wonderful day. Monnie
  13. Adrian, This will require the Developers to solve the rendering issue. Happy Simming, Monnie
  14. I too would like to have more controls other than gamma. Put me on the wish list
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