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  1. The IPD adjustment knob and FOV seem to be the focus of their current ad campaign, which makes me wonder if it has any other advantages. We'll have to wait and see if the display resolution improvement is worth it, or if the focus on the IPD knob is like a Fiat commercial focusing on cup holders. :)
  2. I find that if I get it just right, it makes the placards in the cockpit a little bit sharper. Certainly not a show stopping difference though. But, the more critical alignment I have noticed is the vertical. Doesn't take much vertical displacement of the lenses in my Rift to make things start to get blurry. That's easy to adjust though, we just pull the HMD down a little further. :D
  3. +1 Like I was saying, its much easier to upgrade individual hardware components as CPU and GPU technology advances than it is to give an HMD higher-resolution displays than what it came with.
  4. Gotta agree with that statement. None of us know for sure what the software-based IPD function is going to do. All we're doing is speculating based on the technology that we already know about, when its entirely possible (and very likely) that these HMD manufacturers have come up with something new. Its pointless for people to keep bickering about something that hasn't even been released yet, and a little silly to immediately write something off because of what we think we "know".
  5. If Jabbers is doing the AAR in VR and the visual reference he's using isn't working out for you, that could possibly be because his dominant eye is the opposite of your good eye.
  6. The HP Reverb gives you that choice. The headset is included, but its adjustable and removable. :)
  7. Do you have a dedicated, powered USB card that the Rift is plugged into? If you don't, that's one possible issue. For the HDMI connection, I actually found that getting a DVI to HDMI adapter and plugging the Rift into that cures any other connectivity issues. Oculus says that doesn't work with the Rift, but I know for a fact that it does. Been doing it that way for almost 3 years now, and its a cheap, easy fix. The dedicated USB card was a cheap, easy fix too. The combination of the two has made it bullet-proof. :D
  8. Are you getting any indication through Oculus Home that your sensor is dropping out? You may be coming up short on USB power. DCS is going to be pulling a lot more power on the USB bus because of your HOTAS setup. I had to install a dedicated USB card with its own direct connection to the power supply to get everything playing together reliably.
  9. I really don't consider myself a serious simmer, but you can count me in on wanting the highest resolution/fidelity I can get. There is a $300.00 price difference between getting something that isn't much better than what I already have, and getting something that is at least twice as good. If it takes more horsepower under the hood to run it, so be it. You can upgrade your GPU and/or CPU, but you can't make an HMD have a higher resolution than what it comes with. The cheaper of the two options is an example of the law of diminishing returns for me. Another great thing about the Reverb is that it appears to be built on a proven comfort concept, since it looks very much like a CV1 in its physical chracteristics. The only things I don't like about the comfort of my CV1 are the backstrap, and the face pad material, and it looks like the Reverb addresses both of those issues. It also looks like HP has been paying attention to the negative feedback from people who have purchased competitor's products, because they specifically mention the ease/reliability of the bluetooth connection between the HMD and the hand controllers. Although it seems as if their competition haven't listened to the gripes, it looks like HP has, and that's a good sign. I'm planning on keeping my CV1 too, so I'll still be able to use the Oculus store titles that I own. Very excited about what's coming in just a few short weeks.
  10. When you say new computer, is it a store-bought, ready-made unit? Does it have a dedicated graphics card in it? Do you have the Rift plugged into that card, or is it plugged into the integrated graphics HDMI port on the motherboard? Make sure it has a dedicated graphics card, and that your Rift is plugged into the card, and not the motherboard HDMI.
  11. The videos I've seen of the HP Reverb being reviewed are showing that it "still uses" external tracking devices, and they're showing that as a drawback. But, according to HPs official web posting for the Reverb Pro, they say it has integrated tracking with no need for external peripherals. So, I'm thinking the reviewers in those videos were using a demo unit that wasn't representative of the final product. Might have had a couple of issues they still needed to get worked out with the internal tracking. Whatever it ends up being, as long as it tracks as well as the Rift CV1, I'll be happy with it. Besides, the cameras for the Rift are really nice, classy-looking pieces of equipment that blend right in with high-end entertainment systems. If HP ditches integrated tracking and uses cameras that look as good, I'll be fine with it. As for the Rift S discussion, I already have a CV1, so "upgrading" to the S with only a marginal increase in visual quality just doesn't make financial sense. There is nothing wrong with my CV1, so I'm only going to spend more money on an HMD if its a significant leap in display technology. The latest Rift is great if you have a lower-end system and don't already have a VR HMD. But, if you have a CV1 like I do, when thinking about the Rift S question, its very much a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situation. I'm banking on the Reverb Pro to be my next HMD. Here's the link to the official HP posting, for anybody who hasn't already stumbled across it like I did. https://www8.hp.com/us/en/workstations/mixed-reality-headset/index.html
  12. Definitely agree with YoYo on this. A couple of old sayings about air combat. "He who sees first, lives longest." "Lose sight, lose the fight."
  13. Cold starts here too. When you're constantly practicing bringing everything on-line from a cold start, you're better-prepared to do those things in emergency situations.
  14. Definitely true. When the price on the Rift S was published, my hopes started to fizzle. I thought "$349.00? With hand controllers? Probably not going to be worth the hype if it costs that little." The publishing of the specs confirmed what I feared.
  15. The association with Facebook was the only thing making me question getting the next Oculus product. The quality, technology, and ease of use still had me convinced that I would hold out for the next Oculus product, in spite of Facebook. And then I see what their latest offering is......... Well, I guess I'll be getting the new HP when it comes out. The Rift S is such a disappointment, :mad:
  16. Tried forcing anti-aliasing off, and it made no difference at all...except for the video quality being lower in DCS. I think I may have found the major cause of the ghosting/stuttering, low performance in 2.5.4 though. Since the F-14B came out this weekend, I decided to go ahead and download it, knowing that it only works in 2.5.4 and above. Wasn't crazy about the idea of downloading a new module, since the latest version of DCS seems to be broken. To my surprise, the F-14B performance was smooth as glass. But that was a quick-start mission, taking off from Nellis AFB. So, I tried putting the F-14B in the mission that has been giving me all the problems with the A-10C. Again, smooth as glass. So, I switched the aircraft back to the A-10C, and it was smooth as glass. What I didn't realize is that the A-10C I switched over to was the bare-bones A-10C, without the configuration, armament, and sensors I had on the original mission. It had nothing on the wings. So, I loaded up the original mission, and this time during my ramp start, I kept the TGP, Mavericks, and CICU off. Took off, and it was smooth as glass. Turned all the other stuff back on while mid-flight, and the performance became so awful again that it started making me feel sick. Turned all of those things back off, mid-flight, and everything smoothed out again. I have my cockpit displays all the way down at 256 in the settings, but I'm not entirely convinced its the display coming from the TGP. I think its the TGP itself being warmed up and active. The reason I say that is that when I was shutting things down, the last thing to get turned off was the TGP, and the stuttering finally went away again. Not sure about what aircraft you're flying, Wolf, but those are my findings with the A-10C. The TGP seems to have some sort of issue with 2.5.4.
  17. Yup. 2.5.3 is MUCH better performance-wise than 2.5.4 is. If it doesn't seem as good as you remember it, did you have the shaders mod installed before? It makes a HUGE difference in 2.5.3, and I found that running DCS with the default link that gets put on the desktop will always attempt to update to the latest version. Even when you deny the update, it still changes things, because the shaders mod ends up getting removed. Since finding that out, and not wanting to accidentally kill my 2.5.3 installation, I changed the link to point at the rundcs.exe file in the same directory, so now it doesn't try to update and the shaders mod stays intact. I agree with you about the anti-aliasing between the two versions. 2.5.4 does seem to have better anti-aliasing, but I think that's what's killing performance. Its like DCS is fighting with itself over anti-aliasing. I'm going to try forcing it completely off with the Nvidia settings and see if that makes a difference.
  18. It has been there since 2.5.4. 2.5.3 runs just fine with latest updates to Windows, and 2.5.4 still doesn't. The latest incarnation of 2.5.4 has improved performance a little bit, but its still horrible compared to 2.5.3, and there doesn't appear to be any graphics setting that makes it happy. As a last resort, I tried dropping my pixel density from 2.0 to 1.0, and the peformance still sucked just as bad.
  19. If you post a track of your flight where you try to do this, chances are one of us will be able to see right away what step you're forgetting. :)
  20. Move View Left: Rshift+Rctrl+Num4 Move View Right: Rshift+Rctrl+Num6 Move View Up: Rshift+Rctrl+Num8 Move View Down: Rshift+Rctrl+Num2 Move View Backward Rshift+Rctrl+Num/ Move View Forward: Rshift+Rctrl+Num* Save Position: Ralt+Num0
  21. That's a bad thing? That's the way it would be in a real dog fight, and the ultimate goal of a flight sim is to mimic real life as closely as possible. You have to lean and twist your body in VR to look behind you, just like you would in the real thing...minus the G forces of course. :D Besides, like Don said, going outside of 1:1 tracking when you have no other visual references will definitely raise the upchuck factor.
  22. Thank you! I rest my case. If you don't know what I mean by realistic head movement, and you think that TrackIR gives you that, there is no point in discussing this further. You lack an accurate frame of reference. When I'm looking for switches in L-39 cockpits IRL, some would say the movements are pretty "exaggerated". Some of them are even easier to reach by using the hand on the opposite side of the cockpit and reaching over. As I have said before, and as many others have said already...don't like it, don't use it. The rest of us will be just fine without you. "Yeah you do get realistic head movement with a TrackIR..." LOL! Quote of the week right there! :megalol:
  23. So, in other words, you didn't play around with the settings. If you did, you would know that pixel density makes a HUGE difference in the readability of cockpit instruments, and makes a big difference in visual acquisition of targets (which is unrealistically easy on a monitor BTW). There is no setting on a monitor that will give you depth perception or sense of scale, and there is no setting on your TrackIR that is going to give you realistic head movement. You'll reconsider? I don't think it was the intention of the OP of this thread to sell you on anything, nor anybody else for that matter. Your mind is made up. We get that. Your posting this repetitive argument in every VR thread you see makes about as much sense as someone like me posting in every TrackIR thread and telling people there that they're all wrong, and I won't consider TrackIR until they make it do everything that I think it should do.
  24. The same can be said about the lack of depth perception and lack of sense of scale on a monitor. It can also be said about the completely unrealistic head movements with track IR. I'm beginning to sense a theme here. You tried VR once, didn't play around with any of the settings, so you don't like it. I think we all get the point. :thumbup:
  25. For my Beta install, I'm using version Just tried it yesterday, and it still has the performance issues. I don't even have to look to the sides when flying over a small city to see the splitting images, and the shaders mod for 2.5.4 still has no noticeable effect. I've tried turning MSAA off, lowering pixel density, turning off AF, and nothing gets it running smoothly. Its very strange, since when I'm on the ground running through my startup procedures in the A-10C, everything is smooth as glass. Its when I start moving that everything starts splitting and jumping back and forth. The pavement jumps back and forth, so does the grass. So, when I want to actually fly, I'm back on my Release install, which I have left at the latest version of 2.5.3. I changed my desktop shortcut for that to the "Run.exe" file in the DCS World folder, so it doesn't keep trying to update itself. Is any of that the same kind of thing you're experiencing? I flew through the jumpiness and found that in some areas it smooths out and starts working normally. I wonder if that's the reason some people say its not giving them problems, and others say that it is.
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