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  1. Hey there,


    I´ve got a short question concerning Oculus Rift Connection to USB 3.1 only Mainboards just like the Asrock Z370 Extreme 4. This is the one that I purchased (not yet delivered) and now I wonder if the Rift/Sensors will even work on USB 3.1 ports as there are no USB 3.0 or even USB 2.0 Ports anymore. I also googled around a Little and stumbled about some Posts where Users told that it would work with 3.1 only, thus I would like to know if some of you guys have particular experiences with this may be with the Z370 Extreme Board as well.







    When I had a motherboard with built-in USB 3.0 ports, even with a self-powered USB hub, sometimes I had trouble with the HMD going dark, or my HOTAS being intermittent. So, I bought a dedicated USB 3.0 card with 5 ports on it made by Inateck, and those problems went away. I recently got an ASRock Z370 motherboard with 3.1 ports only and moved the Inateck card over to that. It still works perfectly with no dropouts. I know that doesn't quite address your question, but if the 3.1 ports on the mobo don't work, this is a good fallback option for you. The Rift pulls a lot of juice on the USB interface, so its usually best to have it on an independently powered USB port/hub/card anyway.

  2. Yup, I like having to lean, twist, and sometimes grab onto something to see where I need to see. You have to do all that in the real thing. The thing that I see that needs a little work is that its possible to put your head right through the canopy, but other than that VR is the most natural.

  3. I wonder if it's because you're using a Rift instead of Vive. Do you get full range while in hangar view too, or is it just in the cockpit?


    At least knowing that it works different for you tells me that maybe there is something I could change on my end. Maybe I'll have to try a complete fresh install, although I did one when I built this PC for VR.


    Thanks for the feedback.


    That might be it. In the hangar view, its the same way. If I can see it, I can click it.

  4. The drawing definitely helped me to understand the problem you're seeing. I was thinking you were having the same kinds of issues I've had a couple of times. That is definitely a weird one. Unfortunately, I don't have any helpful input for that one, other than to say that if its in my field of view, I can click on it. There doesn't appear to be any invisible barrier in my setup. Manipulating that #2 VHF requires me to move the cursor almost to the edge of my field of view, so I'm not seeing the restrictions that you're seeing.

  5. Anyone running both Stable and Open beta is 1TB enough for both? Will I have a decent amount of room to spare. This is a 1TB Dedicated DCS World SSD


    I run both and I have A-10C, P-51D, AV-8B, F/A-18C, and Flaming Cliffs 3 installed (with F/A-18C only being installed for the Beta of course). The total space used up on my SSD is just under 170GB, so 1TB will be plenty of space for an SSD dedicated to only DCS.

  6. I have indeed, and usually always run in fullscreen. Doesn't matter if I have the mouse confined to game window enable or not either.


    Let me describe in further detail. When you are on the hangar screen, the game cursor is confined to the gui window(mission, settings, modules, etc.). No matter how much you move the mouse, the game cursor is bound within that window, regardless of the above settings I mentioned. I always use the confined to game window setting, because otherwise it is possible to accidentally click on an icon on the taskbar.


    Now as well, when flying, the cursor(blue cross) is still confined to that same area, although it is invisible. You can see that area if you call up the pause screen. It is the same area as the gui window in the hangar.


    I don't know if there is a way to get the cursor to reach outside this "box" and go from screen edge to edge. Otherwise, in order to reach a control in the cockpit, it must be within the area of this box.


    Hope that makes sense.


    You definitely should have that "confine mouse cursor to game window" checked, but as I've found a couple of times, it still manages to jump outside the window and I end up inadvertently clicking on something in Windows. So, as you're moving your head in VR, and look down to say, arm the ejection seat, your pointer turns green, but when you click, nothing happens. Then you take the headset off to look at your screen and all is normal, except for when you say "Oh, oops, I forgot to use Alt-Enter to expand the VR window across the whole screen" and hit Alt-Enter, then some Windows settings menu keeps popping up. Its only after you click somewhere near center view in VR that mouse control returns to the game, and now you can hit Alt-Enter. For me, having the VR Window completely expanded makes it so its not possible for the cursor to click outside the game. Even with "confine to game window" enabled, it will still jump outside it sometimes just long enough to take the focus of the mouse click out of the game.

  7. I've gotten things even further optimized on my system, so now I'm at 2.0 PD and 8X MSAA on the Stable and it runs smooth as glass in VR. I can easily read every gauge, as well as the HUD. I ended up doing all the old stuff that I didn't think applied anymore. I shut off indexing on the SSD that I have DCS on, went back to regularly running spyware checks, and I closed every unneeded item sitting in the tray. Not sure what the biggest contributor was to the performance increase, but prior to doing all of that I was lucky to run 2X MSAA with 2.0 PD without getting visible stutters. The combination of all of those things has breathed new life into this sim. Now I can concentrate on the fight, instead of the graphics glitches.

  8. I've had a set of Saitek pedals for at least 8 years now. No problems here at all.


    I'll add my vote for the HOTAS Warthog for the stick and throttle. Solid construction, and the DCS A-10C manual is geared toward it, so its the easiest to integrate.

  9. Yeah, I never got the "if you see it, you can defeat it" until I tried to dodge a SAM launch in VR. Really cool.


    I knew that it worked, and I knew why, but hadn't been able to actually do it in a sim until VR came along. MUCH easier to keep it at right angles to you and force it to overshoot or run out of energy.

  10. Wow, are you using a Pimax 4K? That may explain it. The 1 to 1 tracking is such a departure from TrackIR. There's really no need to explain the difference.


    Yup, its that 1 to 1 tracking that makes it more natural to not only spot a missile launch, but to instantly know how to maneuver to have the best chance of defeating the missile.


    I pretty much fly the A10-C exclusively and one of my biggest pet peeves is trying to get to controls on either side of the seat. Temporarily repositioning my head helps with startup, but for some reason when looking down to the left/right, I can see the switch I want to interact with, but the mouse cursor seems to hit an invisible edge, preventing me from reaching it. That edge is about a 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the visible area. I'm guessing the cursor is hitting the bottom of the monitor window. Fullscreen or not, doesn't seem to make a difference. If the mouse cursor could reach the entire viewing area, then it wouldn't be a problem. I just can't physically tilt my head down enough to get the cursor on target. I have to physically move my chair.



    Have you tried Alt-Enter? That will stretch the VR view window across the whole monitor so your mouse cursor isn't getting trapped at the edges.

  12. After briefly running at 1.5 PD and 8X MSAA on the Stable version, I've gone back to 2.0 PD and no MSAA. Some things outside have little, barely noticeable jaggies on them, but at 2.0 PD, everything in the cockpit is crisp and clear. I have to agree with the posters above me. The only part of that video that shows how much "better" the Odyssey is than the Vive (similar resolution to the Rift CV1) is a side-by-side comparison with the Odyssey zoomed in MUCH further than the Vive. Of course that's going to give the illusion that one is vastly superior to the other! Aside from that, the rest of the video is pure blurriness from both headsets. My CV1 works just fine. I'll wait for a significant increase in resolution before I plunk down more cash.

  13. Yep, F-16 Flight Control System, F-18 Avionics, B-52 Guidance System.




    From the documentaries I have watched the major thing that was classified was the shape. Did you know one of the nicknames was the "Cockroach?" How bout that!!!!


    Yup. They also called it the "Stinkbug".

  14. No problem at all with naming your own install location. Just make sure to give the Beta a different location to install files than where you installed the Stable and you'll be fine. I have both installed on my D drive, which is my 2TB SSD for programs only. I have them installed in my D:\Games\Eagle Dynamics folder. I just kept the suggested folder name, but changed where I wanted it installed. Both versions run independently of each other, with no issues (other than the issues inherent to each version). :D

  15. Just install them both if you have the space on your machine. They run independently of each other, so you don't have to wait to try out some of the new stuff, and you won't have to worry about breaking what you're already happy with.

  16. Yeah that may be a little high on PD.


    I am running 1.5 currently.


    I have it set at 1.5 now with 2X MSAA which looks and runs great. 4X MSAA is much better, but still not perfectly smooth. 8X MSAA in the Stable version, with PD set at 1.5, on the other hand, looks and runs amazingly! Thanks for the tip, Dburne! It hadn't occurred to me that MSAA would make 1.5 PD look just as good, if not better than 2.0 PD with no MSAA.


    Thick8, I'll try a lower gamma and see what happens. Thanks! :D

  17. Hi folks,


    I still haven't downloaded the open beta, hence, I cannot enjoy the F/A 18 like most of you. How long does it normally take ED to release planes or maps on the stable/ normal DCS after they have been released on the early access? A week? A month? A year?


    Greetings to you all


    You can download and install the Open Beta just like you did with the Stable. The 2 of them run independently now, so you don't have to worry about the Open Beta messing with your Stable install. That way you can enjoy the F/A-18C without having to wait until they have the Beta far enough along to offer an update to the Stable. If you're fine with having both versions on your machine at the same time, you won't have to do any command line editing. You also don't have to worry about using an extra activation for your modules.

  18. That is odd I am running 2x MSAA without any issue, very smooth for me. I can even run 4x MSAA without a problem, I prefer 2x due to a little better performance. Your rig is certainly beefier than mine also.


    What pixel density are you running, Dburne? I'm running 2.0 on mine. Maybe that's why I'm having issues, or maybe I've got something else going on with my machine. Its a new build, so there's definitely a possibility I haven't squashed all the bugs yet. The jitters I'm seeing look like the image is separating between the left and right eye, so it jumps back and forth. Turning the MSAA off makes that go away.

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