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  1. I am having issues with the assets from this pack showing up on my multiplayer server where the assets pack is not installed on that server machine. (due to it being a rental). I have edited the mission.cfg file to comment out the required modules which usually works for A-4/Herc mods. But for this one, any asset i choose gets turned into a tank of some sort. Can anyone shed some light to this issue please. Thank you.
  2. I uninstalled windows mixed reality, deleted all remaining files. Uninstalled steamVR, deleted all remaining files. Reinstalled both. Get the exact same result. Game begins to load, flickers like crazy and crashes. EDIT: I also just tried uninstalling and reinstalling my display drivers. Yet another no go.
  3. Ok, I'll try that. (im using standalone with steamvr and wmr)
  4. No, the only other VR related program that is running is fpsVR.
  5. I am not no. I currently have a totally clean install of DCS. After the core game downloaded I installed the F-18, F-14, Nevada and Gulf modules. (all with my HMD unplugged so that I can run it in "non-VR" mode). After i uninstalled DCS the first time I deleted the core game folder as well as the saved game folder just to be sure. Are there any other folders hiding that I could have missed?
  6. Gurus, I need help. I cannot load DCS anymore for whatever reason. I was playing it no problem about two months ago, came back to it and now I cannot even get into the main menu. I can open the game just fine in 2D mode, but as soon as I try to play in VR the loading screen gets to about 5% and crashes. I've tried reinstalling a fresh DCS, deleting all files left behind from the uninstall. All drivers are updated. I'm at my wits end now. Edit: Just after some more troubleshooting, ive noticed that the loading bar will cycle through 1% to 10% over and over usually 3-4 times then the DCS crash window will pop up. dxdiag.txt dcs.20200413-201314.txt
  7. Awesome! Aside from those two switches I'm all set up! Thanks guys, happy flying!
  8. I manged to get most of the switches I needed done except for the APU and Launch Bar. { down = gear_commands.LaunchBarSw, up = gear_commands.LaunchBarSw, cockpit_device_id = devices.GEAR_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('Alternate LaunchBar'), category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('Right Vertical Panel')}}, thats the code I put in reference to: elements["pnt_233"] = default_button2(_("Launch Bar Control Switch, EXTEND/RETRACT"), devices.GEAR_INTERFACE, gear_commands.LaunchBarSw, 233, anim_speed_default) They do not show up in the controls list the only thing I can think of is that both move by themselves at some point. I.E APU shuts off after a certain time, and launch bar goes up after carrier launch. Any ideas?
  9. Perfect! It worked! So how do I figure out the "Up" "Down" system? No matter what I try with the 0's and 1's, It always seems to be the opposite, unless I click the gear handle in game to "sync" the switch to handle.
  10. I really apprecite the help! So thank you! I'm totally clueless when it comes to reading code. I managed to get gear lever to work with this: { down = iCommandPlaneGear, up = iCommandPlaneGear, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROL_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('Alternate Landing Gear'), Now using the file you pointed me to I'm trying to get the Hook Handle to work with this: { down = ctrl_commands.HookHandle, up = ctrl_commands.HookHandle, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROL_INTERFACE, value_down = 0.0, value_up = 1.0, name = _('Alternate Hook Handle'), category = {_('Special For Joystick'), _('Right Vertical Panel')}}, and not getting a thing. I'm only guessing im sooo close? lmao
  11. It was yes, but after scrolling through and finding the "Special HOTAS" section I'm now trying this line { down = ctrl_commands.GearSw, up = ctrl_commands.GearSw, cockpit_device_id = devices.CONTROL_INTERFACE, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('Alternate Landing Gear'), I've managed to get the control listing into the menu, but i'm having a hard time finding how to actually bind the "new control" to the actual gear lever. If that makes any sense?
  12. I'm currently trying to figure out how to edit the F-18's default.lau file so that I can have say the APU switch on my Warthog HOTAS work with the landing gear. As of now I can only get the switch to work by clicking the switch twice as opposed to the switch matching the landing gear lever. Such as switch FWD, gear up, switch AFT gear down. I've added this line: { down = iCommandPlaneGear, up = iCommandPlaneGear, value_down = 1.0, value_up = 0.0, name = _('Alternate Gear Up') category = _('Systems')}, and I'm not even seeing the new control in the menu. Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks
  13. Yes! Who wouldn't love some supercat love!?
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