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  1. Interesting info, thanks all. I expect then that the 'meat' of the mission lies within the mysterious .pak.crypt file? Am I right in also assuming that the tools to package a mission like this are not something that's included in the vanilla ME?
  2. Hi, I have just purchased a copy of the "Crew" campaighn for the Mi8 in the hope that I might learn a few things about more complex mission building by deconstructing it a little. I have found though that when opened in the ME, there appear to be no triggers or scripts referenced directly from the ME. I gather then that the triggers and other actions must be getting handled externally from what I can see and edit in the ME? The only clue I can see is that within the campaign files that downloaded, there is a .pak.crypt file, which I can't open to look at. Can anyone shed any light on how these missions work? CFI
  3. @toutenglisse Thanks very much I think I even understand how works!
  4. Hi, I want a condition to be true at a random time between 1 - 4 minutes. I can't find a straight forward way of doing this! I've tried cycling a randomised flag until the flag value hits a certain value, but it's so hit and miss and I want to be able to stipulate the time range more exactly. Can anyone help?! Many thanks
  5. I'm just nearing the end of creating my first (interesting) mission and I'd like to share it when I'm done. However, I had to use several mods to add various objects into the simulator needed to tell the story... Is there any way of integrating mods, such as additional props and vehicles, into the .miz file, so that other users don't have to download and install them? I'm a bit concerned that creating a mission where the user has to download and install 4 additional mods, will put people off trying it out!
  6. That's a pretty epic beta patch today - thanks!
  7. What an odd response! So, where else would you be expecting to use ACLS? The clue is in the name (Automatic Carrier Landing System). If you don't already use the carrier, then you're unlikely to want to use ACLS. If you DO have the carrier, then you'll be getting this for your F18 for free. What's with your attitude?!
  8. They are cool but they don't move correctly according to forces on the helicopter, which is a shame!
  9. Hi Moxica. You're not likely to hear much from onboard the helo but try doing a quick track and watching it back from the perspective of the unit you've targeted. That'll confirm it one way or another, plus, it's fun Oh yes, that is.... if the track actually works properly, which is unlikely at the moment
  10. Ok. Tried it again last night and all seems to be working as I expected. Not sure what I was missing but thanks for the help
  11. I guess that people's interpretation of "buttery smooth" is somewhat subjective! I agree with you though. I can get a solid 50-60fps without MR and it's pretty smooth looking forward with the occasional stutter but nothing like buttery smooth. With MR on and set to 45fps in OC toolkit, it really is buttery smooth looking in all directions but as we know, the current artefacts are terrible and the image quality is quite poor.
  12. I'm getting a constant switch back to the TSD page on the right MPD with everything turned off!
  13. You also have to disable TSD-SHOW-THRT SHOW-ASE THREATS - I'm sure I have been doing that too but I'll double check... when you select TADS video, do you also select TADS at T6? Because for me it autopages the other MPD, not video feed - I usually select video on the right MPD, then TADS for the feed, then TADS at T6. Is that the correct way? Thanks
  14. Autopaging is driving me nuts. When viewing TADS video from the Pilot seat, autopaging continuously swaps the page for the TSD when there is any radar activity. Not very convenient when you're trying to fly at night and identify/confirm targets that George has found! I have Autopaging switched off in the ASE/Util option but it doesn't disable it. Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding its use?
  15. @NineLine Please would you move this to the Bugs & Problems sub forum? Thanks!
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