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  1. I have a question: Is it normal if the aircraft parked on the airfield or on the carrier, the engines of them dont turn off? And the second question is: I dont understand russian. I changed the russian audiofiles with the english audiofiles. Maybe the reason why the game crashing? [EDIT] Here is the errorcode i get it after the application crash today: Problemsignature: Problemereignisname: APPCRASH Applicationname: LOCKON.EXE Applicationversion: Applicationstamp: 36765312 Misstakemodulname: ntdll.dll Misstakemodulversion: 6.0.6001.18000 Misstakemodultimestamp: 4791a783 Exceptioncode: c0000005 Exceptionoffset: 0002f897 Operatingversion: 6.0.6001. Gebietsschema-ID: 1031 Followinginformation 1: fd00 Followinginformation 2: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160 Followinginformation 3: fd00 Followinginformation 4: ea6f5fe8924aaa756324d57f87834160
  2. I had today a next crash again. I was inbound to the russian plainecarrier i was approx 500 meters away, my plane SU33 was suddenly not under my control, i couldnt move the plane and top-left on the screen was a message in white font. i cant remember exactly witch message was. it was not a message from the tower, i mean it was a systemmessage from lockon self. i made a screenshot but the message wasnt on the screenshot:( i will wait for the next crash and hopley i can make a screenshot early enough. i will look, when i will uninstall lockon, because its makes not fun a while:(. Its very sad for lockon, because this simulator have much potential! Is realy windows vista the reason?
  3. thank you, i dont know about "i" key. The training videos dont told about that.
  4. Hello, i want now to thread bugs with screenshots from lockon 1.12b. The most troubles are the systemcrash to desktop every time! I have win vista ultimate x64. pic one: these two (wingmen 3+4) are landed on this shipcarrier at the same time. Then they roll back like here on this pic this the rope. the second wingman landed after 5 minutes and i was with my plane on the park area nearby at the takeoff area, and he pushed me frontal to my cockpit and i was with my plane half in the tower. But no damage! After, i must roll out from the tower with fullspeed, when i can me release. Unfortunately i made now screenshot with the colidation. Next screenshot with the Bug will follow!
  5. Hello friends i have the same trouble. I cant engage the KH41 missile. I activate the ground-mode with "7" key and the target was locked automaticly. but the message for "launch authorised" dont come. i wait, wait but message dont come. The wingman can start the missile but i cannot do.
  6. I get no ILS on the HUD too on the RET submode!
  7. For the patch 1.13, the pilot can leave the cockpit and walk arround! Thats would be fine. Just for fun you know?
  8. Yes its running as admin, the compatibility mode XP tryed too but i had the same problem.
  9. Dear pilots, what must i do, to get a target on the HUD display an the targets who looks like triangles on the VSD? I marked on the map the single objekts for destroy, but i get no targets on the HUD and no on the VSD display too. You understand what i mean? What must i do exactly?
  10. Yes my friend, but my english is not very powerfull i am english novice. I have a ILS on the Horizontal Situation Indicator too, its no problem. But the crash to desktop, thats makes me very headage!
  11. I flying very like the SU-33. I changed to NAV mode but, i cant see the ILS. The next problem is, i have often a crash to desktop! I have windows vista ultimate x64 Bit and 4GB DDRAM with X2 4200+ CPU and a ATI 3650 HD Card.
  12. Hello, i missing the ILS on the HUD Display when i am go inbound to landing. How can i activate it? Or is it a bug?
  13. But i had already send a mail to this support last week, but they dont answering!! How long must i waiting?????
  14. Hello, i have the Flaming Cliff download version, and i can not activate it again, because the serial key has exceeded. That was the message from Starforce Homepage. The Starforce protection is really horrible! The Support Team dont answer me. I had write to them last week. If somebody there from Supportteam and read my thread, it would be fine to help me! Thanks P.S: Wäre nicht schlecht beim nächsten Patch mal eine noCD zu machen, denn der Starforce ist ja wohl das allerletzte!!!! :mad:
  15. Ich habe festgestellt, wenn ein feindliches Flugzeug in der Nähe ist, funktioniert der Trimmer plötzlich. Dann funktionieren die Feuerknöpfe nicht mehr! Irgendwie ist LockOn mit meinem Joystick nicht kompatibel. Oder der Treiber vom Hersteller ist schlecht. Soooo, der Treiber vom Hersteller ist mit dem Spiel nicht kompatibel. Habe dann den Treiber von Microsoft installieren lassen. Jetzt gehts wunderbar! Leider funktioniert der Vibrationseffekt nicht mehr. Ich habe extra vermieden den Begriff Vibrator weg zu lassen, denn Joystick und Vibrator kommt schnell zu missverständnissen! :D
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