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  1. Deffinatley see a difference. Nice find. I do so much more depth with this.
  2. That's because HUD's are fixed so it's alway in the same place in the plane\heli. IHADSS is over your eye and the intitial location of it in VR is too high. I'd like the vertical slider found in the KA50 as well. It would be the best solution. Trying to just lower it in VR may mess it up for other users not having the problem with different headsets etc. A slider would allow everyone to adjust it to their liking.
  3. I tried force my headset down so it would fit straight on my face (very uncomfortable) and it made the IHADSS align properly. This would be an easy fix I think.
  4. Is it possible this issue is being caused by this? @BIGNEWY
  5. Sorry, didn't see this until now. PM me if any of you need me to send the driver.
  6. woohoo, will make the X65F trim better
  7. This is the way I've been doing it too. I think the default view the head position is way too low. That's why we have to strain to get it all the line up. If you look down while in the seat by default it looks like the seat is in your stomach.
  8. The X65F is force sensing. Good luck finding one though.
  9. +1 for me too !! Would love this feature. I have the X65F (stick doesn't move, it is done by how much pressure you put on the stick) and have found it really hard on any of the 3 options we have. Anyone else with a X65F? What setting are you using for your trim?
  10. @BIGNEWY I think part of the issue is that boresight isn't working properly with VR. If you line it up properly with the rings the gun is way off and so is the ihads. If i raise my seat way up so it aligns without me have to moved my head really far it seems to line up the gun and lower the ihads for me. So, I think it may be related to this issue
  11. G2 It actually does fit a little tight around my cheeks. I don't have a problem with focus on the G2 though.
  12. Here is my view. The red circle is where I am looking straight ahead. I assume the + should be where I am looking. This is after boresighting.
  13. The IHADS and George are way too high in VR. I have to strain my eyes so much to read the heading tape it's almost impossible. George is up there too. Sometimes I have to hold mt G2 so I can look up that high. After an hour I pretty much have to take a break my eyes are so sore. It would be nice if we can control how far up or down the IHADS and George are. Maybe George can be made movable so we can move it around the screen? IHADS can't be done that way but needs to be way lower.
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