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  1. And now we have the same problem in Stable, so don't use AT cause if you have to bolter or touch and go, you are going into the ocean.
  2. After landing on Airstrip/Carrier with autothrottle the throttle remains in idle position. I have tried to find a workaround but i am stuck on the runway.
  3. So for the momemt Jester only works 100% (Q modes and search for targets) in singleplayer, and only partly (With head control designation options) in multiplayer?
  4. Got the same observation, AP is gradually decending sometimes up to 50-70 ft. when i sweep the wings all the way back after activation. I would say, it looks like a bug to me
  5. You can avoid the thumbing sound by telling Iceman to keep the speed below 400 KTS while circling around the bombing/target area.
  6. I bought zone 5 today but for some reason it dosen't show up in the module manager. I run the stable version and i don't have open beta installed.
  7. I noticed today on my first flight after the update that the sensitivity to input has increased dramatically. The last six months i had i had gotten used to pitch and roll set to 25% ingame. So today i got something of a surprise when pulling back on the stick on takeoff i allmost performed a backflip and i found out that to have the same feedback as before i had to set both to 65 - 70 % Has anybody else noticed ? Im using warthog Hotas stick and throttle GRIZZ
  8. I have the same issues, only in this case rudder and pitch have red exclamation marks, and i remember having the same issues after the last major update.
  9. My CH Fighterstick stopped working after 12 years of use, and since i already had the warthog throttle in use for about a year, i decided to replace My CH with a warthog stick. I will try to describe the difference in handling of those two sticks. The CH is made of sturdy industrial grade plastic, it mowes smooth and comfortably around all four directions with the same soft resistance all the way and has a slightly squishy center. The warthog turned out to be a completely different animal. Made of metal with a rigid center position you had to (compared the CH) use excessive force to move in any direction. My muscle memory built up by years and years of using the CH went right out the window. To use an anology it was like i had replaced a ballpen (CH) with a heavy duty Warthog Meat cleaver. I quickly came to the conclution that i either had to send the warthog back and replace it with another CH stick or to look around and se if it was possible to find a softer spring. A search for a solution via google and youtube led me to Sahaj's website http://warthog-extensions-by-sahaj.com where i found what i was looking for, a softer (green) spring for the warthog, and (to make a long story short) The new spring landed in my mailbox this monday and i replaced it yesterday ..... And what a difference!!! ... The stick now feels more like 50/50 Warthog/CH and thats a compromise that works for me. Cheers GRIZZ
  10. Its out on DCS Open Beta only, it will be available on DCS stable some time later . So if you want to play the Syria map you will have to download/install the Open Beta edition : https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/downloads/world/
  11. We had that problem a short while ago with foggy instruments ... it seems to have mowed to the canopy now.
  12. Have the same problem, allso the instrument lighting is much to weak
  13. KC 130 is now invisible, not only when you fly the Nevada "instant action" training mission. I allso have a homemede mission located on the caucasus map and there the KC130 suddently is invisible as well. The tanker is still visible in F 10 view on both maps though. :huh: PS. On our server its the same problem Cheers GRIZZ
  14. Im not sure if this is a bug but i find it worth mentioning. The problem is that when you turn the knob the channels 1-3 are(more or less) properly alligned with the selector pointer. But the farther you turn it, the more it gets out of alignment so that if you get past Pos. 8 and forward its allmost impossible to se what channel you are on Cheers GRIZZ
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