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  1. Agility Both the 25 and 25T seem be to quite 'agile' in the air if the power to weight ratio is great enough. Watch inverted flight however, as the fuel system will fail if inverted too long. On the ground they are a bit ducky. (And the tires are prone to blowouts in the AFM) Also it will wheelbarrow on you during take off if you don't keep some back pressure on the stick. The AFM seems to create some odd buffeting around 750kph (the shakes) which adds a bit of interest to the jet although it seems a bit unrealistic. I suppose its trying to simulate sound barrier turbulence. All in all its a great challenge and very rewarding to fly.
  2. Replay Tracks As I recall saving the track has minimal impact even on multiplayer missions even on my old AMD1700+. Also, use the Video Edit to make alterations to a previously recorded track. This will let you make changes to camera angles (including in cockpit) and resave as a new file. Once you have the camera angles set the way you like you can have LOMAC render it as an AVI directly. (Now that will take some resources) Search these forums for other threads regarding making movies.
  3. Welcome Back Cali - S! I'm looking forward to flying with 'ya again :) p.s. your location info stills says Alaska
  4. The X-45 has the rudder controls on the throttle whereas the X-52 has a twist stick for the Rudder control. The X-45 has a fixed right hand grip (which is barley big enuff for hands like mine) whereas the X-52 has an adjustable grip. The X-52 has improvements in buttons and such but the twist stick is a killer for me, I prefer the left hand rudder controls (pedals hurt my back after about 30 minutes for some reason). I love the triple mode, pinkie shift and banding features of the profiler / stick setup. Seems the only time I use the keyboard is for External views and Chat :)
  5. I also have a copy of the [Lock On] folder I renamed LockMod. I use this for offline and direct connect (Like the VFAT Show) modified environments. (I keep my HL linked 1.11 version clean of any loman mods) I have linked Loman to this folder so when I want to run the VFAT mod version I just launch it from Loman. I also have two .reg files that toggle the registry entry that Hyperlobby uses so I can switch between 1.02 and 1.11 if needed (but 1.02 is going the way of the dodo it seems - haven't ran that for over a month now) Licensing provides for running one copy on one machine at a time. If you do more than that you should purchase multiple copies as necessary.
  6. You now have a dual bubble. Place the smaller bubble in the larger bubble to follow the glide path. If you prefer the "Lines" you can use the Glide Scope built into your ADI that performs the same function.
  7. Lol - the question continues ;) I thought it was 2007...J/K At least one of the ground units is listed as "unknown" in most of the categories. From what I gather however its an incomplete list of A/C, Ships and Ground units spanning from the '60's to 1999. I suspect this was largely do to the available data at the time the game was modeled which I believe was near the turn of the century. I heard rumors it was in development for over 5 years prior to its release in 2003 (which is considerably fast if you really delve into all the detail ED has put into it). So, If I were to guess (and thats all I can do here) I would say that the Sim attempts to approximate the A/C that was still in service in 2003. The world is dynamic, and trying to keep up with it is nearly impossible - but the name is 'Modern' Air Combat and I think ED has done a reasonably good job at bridging the gap between "Reality Data" available and public perception of what these A/C can really do.
  8. Have had these for a while. Not sure of the cause as of yet. 1. Maximum Volume Engine Sounds (which resemble the PlaneSuperSonic.ogg cranked all the way up) at the air bases when other planes are present in multiplayer missions. These sounds are present with all sound sliders moved to the far left except the top volume which I have set at 2.5. Hitting the Afterburners momentarily will usually quiet this sound. 2. Shrilling of the engine turbines when pressing F1 after pressing any other function key (F2 - F12). Going Supersonic or entering the displaced threshold after landing will quiet this shrill sound. I have experimented with the sound files in the sound folder and have found that removing the files that begin with "Plane" makes the annoyance a bit more tolerable. This is because the problem seems to be at a lower volume and changing the engine RPM even slightly will quiet the sounds. However (always a tradeoff) certain AI planes do not have there sounds now. I haven't tested all the human driven planes yet but I think the 25T has some small issues with these files missing. If anyone has experienced this and found a solution please post it. Thanx:rolleyes:
  9. The bugs are caused by a this: 1. When a mission is saved on the fly it saves the slots current configurations (even if loped or modded manually) and updates the files accordingly on the PC saving the mission. When replayed it will have the mods incorporated in the mission complete with tail numbers etc. 2. When player1 jumps in a slot and his PC has loped mods, AND he uses them in the mission and leaves...player2 upon joining into that slot will assume all the log entries of player1. This means all the bad things player1 did will now have player2's name on them and both MeInit files will be clean of any Mods.:cool:
  10. We could set our pilot to immortal for single pilot campaign - would that workaround the bugs? (perhaps 1.2 will be less buggy here?) But one solution would be a multi-pilot report for the entire campaign that would compile the stats for all with a breakdown for each. That way if a pilot dies, another could resume the campaign. And the total stats would be available. :)
  11. Sounds like your a progressive computer user =). That means you will eventually purchase what you need to keep up with technology progress. Currrently technology is pushing us even beyond 2GB. The 939 has a 128bit data path and drives the ram directly. If it was me, I would go with 2 - 1GB sticks and leave my other 2 slots avail for progress. Cover the empty slots with tape to keep the dust out until they are needed =). Keep in mind the 939's have a faster bus speed and I haven't read any tests where the faster ram has been put in the 400 bus mobo's (capacitive loads on memory pins are tuned to certain freq). If you can't find a memory that will run in both boards you may be stuck with buying 2GB twice :(
  12. Let me know if there is a particular solo you would like performed and in what jet. I'll prepare and be there - any time or area you need fill in - let me know. Comfortable in all flyables but prefer the supersonics. PM in HL [Tracker]
  13. Sorry, it looked so much like my wifes:rolleyes:
  14. Thank You Thanx GG Couldn't said it better myself. Making such a big deal about something that can (and has) been fabricated so easily is moot. Tracker Out.
  15. Ice...tsk tsk tsk. You of all people should know better than this...Good grief man. Flaming someone without any solid evidence? I taught you months ago that a second player who takes the slot a a "cheater" will adopt his slot in the logs. This is why ED originally had closed games on the UBI server. The sim was not intended to be entered mid-mission as HL allows. This public assasination crap has to end somewhere and I say we end it now. I hereby leave you to your powerless authority. Any pilot who associates themself with the 169th tag is publicly announcing that they approve and welcome such leadership over them. Thats why I left the 169th and will never return.
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