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  1. I was talking to a naval aviator buddy and he mentioned that the carrier will give out a time hack during case III operations. I know our planes are always hacked because it’s a sim, but I figured I’d see if I could figure out how it would be done IRL. I started digging in the natops and found this(see below) The issue is when I select the minutes the natops says the seconds zero out (they do) and time freezes, but the seconds in the hud keep ticking away, and when I exit time set mode the seconds continue as if they were never zeroed. I could be doing something wrong. Just thought I would mention just in case it is accually wrong and maybe you could squeeze it in between the way more important stuff. Thanks.
  2. Think you got it backwards. Wherever the bullseye has been placed that day, the flight would just add that location as a waypoint. It’s not the flight’s call where bullseye is placed
  3. All this can I fly it talk reminds me of this... https://www.google.com/amp/s/foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-tale-of-when-a-marine-mechanic-stole-an-a-4-skyhawk-1745015819/amp
  4. Man that’s a bummer. I think those videos were a bit more “intimate” view of carrier aviation then most people were used to seeing. Easy to see why internet white knights would jump to un-informed conclusions. Thank you for your service brother.
  5. I’m pretty sure ATC for approach is WIP
  6. I understand this. I was only asking if it’s accurate. As of now the JHMCS symbology overlays the MFDs when “heads down”. Just seems intuitive that it would blank on its own. I have no IRL knowledge of this and my only frame of reference is other combat sims. So if the devs say its correct I’m inclined to believe them. Are you referring to the the real system or the sim because as of now thats not how my beta version behaves
  7. smnwrx


    I’ve been nerding out on the JHMCS lately. I was browsing the net and stumbled upon a paper written by a navy pilot about using the System in the CAS role. https://trace.tennessee.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=3359&context=utk_gradthes
  8. That’s what I figured also. Hope to see it fixed in due time.
  9. Is the JHMCS supposed to stay “on” when looking in the cockpit other then at the HUD, or is it supposed to blank anytime you are not looking outside the cockpit? It’s easy enough to click off, just wondering if this is how it really behaves.
  10. Ok I’m at work so Il do my best to explain in semi shorthand without just being confusing. I used the the target GUI and created an advanced profile. You move along to the controller profile and see an up/down & left/right arrows over the tdc axis on the stick. Click on those. A arrow will show up under where you input the key. I moved the slider in that arrow to within 1% of the edges of the axis (this keeps the TDc from wondering when not touching the axis). You have to do this for all 4 corresponding tdc key inputs. Works just like an axis as far as I can tell. That’s as much as I can think to break it down through a wall of text. Gl
  11. I did using target software for my warthog.
  12. I havnt seen it either. My guess is it’s not implemented yet. I believe there is supposed to be cursor bearing and range info also. I think there is a way to toggle all this on and off on the data page I think.
  13. The problem with the atflir is it’s basically useless in weather. One of the coolest uses I heard of the ground radar in the hornet was to compensate for the lack of ILS. Basically the pilot designates the end of the runway using the radar, then flies runway heading and 3 degree glide slope off the designation through the weather.
  14. Noticed in the flight demo there where pylons on the aircraft. Slick aircraft planned? Thanks team, keep making dreams come true.
  15. So far the Vapor effects are looking great I also think a bit a of wobble during weapon release, turbulence and high alpha would be a nice addition.
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