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  1. Outstanding, I'll fly that mission again soon. Thanks Sedlo
  2. I've also just finished, and I echo what others are saying. Really nice campaign, mission length is perfect and scenarios are all plausible. The only issue I had was some scripting or unit erros in M09, but that didn't detract from the enjoyment. Thanks Sedlo
  3. Do you mean when you move your head around the PNVS lags? If so, that is accurate, the PNVS can traverse 60° per second or something like that, so if you whip your head around it won't be able to keep up. I'm sure an extension makes it easier, but it is definitely possible without. I have a Gladiator NXT, no extension, and hovering is ok. It took a few hours to develop the right feel for it, and I was ok with the other helos already, so if this is someone's first time it will probably take a chunk more time to get to some levels of competence.
  4. I get the impression that when George stores targets that should create points in the TSD, but I can't see them in my coord list anywhere. Am I misunderstanding, or am I looking in the wrong place? BTW, loving the Apache!
  5. I'm loving the campaign, but is the AT-6 supposed to look like this?
  6. Teeps

    Name of AI

    Have none of you ever seen the film Airplane?
  7. I think most people don't understand the realities of developing high complexity software these days.
  8. I've played three missions so far, and I think it's excellent. There's a great sense of atmosphere, good voice-acting and believable mission scopes. It has genuinely got my heart going coming under fire in the fragile huey as well!
  9. The trailer looks great, I'm looking forward to the release!
  10. I've had this happen a number of times now. I'm not sure if it's a specific frequency, or just something with rolling round the frequency range. I can't attach a track, but the log file is attached. dcs.log-20211231-103604.zip
  11. Hi, I think that there is an error in section three of the manual. It repeatedly includes the phrase, 'automatic load shielding'. Unless this is a particular special term used by Dassault I believe it is meant to be 'automatic load shedding' - that's the term normally used in the context of generation systems. Cheers.
  12. Never mind, figured it out: LMM - middle marker, LOM - outer marker. Just finished the campaign, can't wait for part two
  13. Loving the campaign, great work from Stone Sky! I've just started this NVG mission, and the voice over says set ARK9 to LMM and LOM. I can't see these frequencies in the briefing notes, nor on the F10 map. What frequencies should I be setting?
  14. Thanks for the response, hopefully it'll make it on to ED's fixed list soon.
  15. In the training mission the missile flies past the carrier as it is supposed to, but when it gets to within about 15 miles from the target it executes a 180° turn and goes to attack the carrier. At this point the carrier was behind the missiles field of view! Track attached. cm802-ak anti-ship issue.trk
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