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  1. Got mine this past week. I upgraded from the F-16/Orion 1 because of the panel/switch redesign and the possibility of future switch panels being mounted to it. I'll keep the F-16/Orion 1 as a backup.
  2. I'm pretty happy with it so far. The main reason I wanted it vs my previous chair is the lack of side bolsters. It's a LOT more comfortable in VR to twist around and click switches.
  3. The keyboard tray arrived earlier this week along with the Orion2 from Winwing. I also reversed the two armrests as they were bumping into the HOTAS mounts and couldn't be slid back any further. Here's an updated photo:
  4. Yes. Just used a thread ripper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  5. Thanks for the info. My wallet’s hurting enough lately… new MTS cockpit and MPS chair from Monstertech finally arrived.
  6. Does the v2 F-16 grip have a BLE module, or is that still only on the CE? I already have the CE... if the haptic feedback is the only change I won't upgrade, because BLE is a requirement for me, as I will use the F-16 grip on a center stick when flying the A-10.
  7. So, three months after ordering the cockpit and four months after ordering the chair, I now have my new MTS/MPS rig. Due to a lot of OT at work this past week, it's taken me a week to tear down the old cockpit and assemble the new one. Here's a few pictures I took along the way. I should note that I ordered the MTS Desk but have not yet received the keyboard tray and sliders, but should have them in the next few days. nullnull nullnull
  8. You can probably just ask Miles on Discord or email orders@pointctrl.com
  9. Yes. Your HMS should have two plugs at the rear that the six buttons plug into.
  10. I do something similar in single player in VR. I have a small keypad that has the info bar keystroke programmed into it. I'll bring up the time page and set my time based on the info bar, clicking the ICP with PointCTRL.
  11. Thanks. MSRP, actually. Got my reservation in two hours after the announcement last year. Those two hours were spent hitting refresh every five seconds white the website was crashing.
  12. I waited 16 months for my Bronco... a year for PointCTRL considering the size of his operation should be easy-peasy in comparison. I promise you that PointCTRL will change everything for you.
  13. Don’t know how long the current wait is, but you should get PointCTRL. With it, all you really need is your HOTAS and VR headset.
  14. I've just gotten around to trying this, and I moved the F1-F12 comms input commands to the common files, and can't get them to show in DCS. What EXACT location should the common binding lua files go?
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