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  1. Same issue on windows 7 and with 2mb DL internet this install is going to be a long nightmare.
  2. I use DXTORY, I have tried them all and it is the best for fps I have found. Lots of extras for recording multiple sound sources
  3. Record with the live play or mission playback in Fraps/playclaw/xfire Edit with windows movie make. Save using "recommended settings for my project" Upload to youtube.
  4. Get or get made covers for the stick and throttle to keep the dust (and beer) off. Then Peddles for your 51st birthday.
  5. It would be nice. You can replay the track with the graphics set to 1 monitor and it ditches the 2nd monitor so you can record it.
  6. I have mine set as zoom.
  7. You can get DCS manager from the play store. It has checklists and airfield maps and charts. It does not integrate into dcs. Their is nothing on android that links up to you dcs game itself. The only update it has had of late is that it now has ads, so I have stopped using it.
  8. Having watched videos of the A10 on gun runs the smoke generated by the gun often hits the cockpit glass. Probably dependent on wind and angle of attack. Would be nice if this could be modeled in game from the cockpit view.
  9. Have you recently switched off/on "easy coms" have you checked your radio is tuned to the right feq?
  10. Sounds like you aren't switching on your boost pumps before starting the engine.
  11. Folks have been reporting that CBU's are causing a big drop of fps when they go off on mid to lower end PC's. Sounds like you PC can't handle it. Whats your specs? Turn your graphics down and try again.
  12. I slouch down in my seat, hit f12 then sit up straight, to get a good view on TIR.
  13. You will have to download the full latest version whatever you do. And you use the serial from the disc to activate the A10 module from DCS world. The Disc is not the current version and its only use is the serial you get on the box. You can get the serial from steam and use it the same way.
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