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  1. Duder, Iwo Jima lasted a week, with the USN and USMC, correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall if there where any big Naval, or air engagements at Iwo?... Okinawa was over 80 days long with a running battle at sea and in the air too. The USN, USMC, USA are the main US brances, the RN had five Carriers, two BB's, seven Light Cruisers, fourteen Destroyers. Corsairs, Hellcats, Avengers, Helldivers, and the RN A/C on their carriers. Okinawa ran from April 1st, to June 21st, and we get to sink the Yamato. The engagements that comprise the Battle of the Philippines Sea are of great interest too. Three running battles, Battle of the Philippines Sea, (June 19/20) Battle of Leyte Gulf, and it's Battle of Suragao Straights, San Bernardino Straights, Oct. 24, 25, 1944, and we get to sink the Musashi, and survive incessant Kamikaze attacks. And there is land mass in the P.I. where the IJA medium bombers can launch from, or for us to attack. New Guinea, Guadalcanal... all good for early plane sets.
  2. I don't fly it any more, usually I get my butt shot out of the sky from very highly accurate AAA and flak, and if I survive that. I blow myself up because there is no bomb delay fusing.
  3. Years ago when they had the Kickstart for getting the WWII ball rolling for the P-47, Spit, 109, 190, 262..etc... the asset pack was part of that kickstart. No Swallow yet though. With the tactical nature of the sims flyable WWII and later planes, (jets) getting one with more than two crew members might be slim. I would love to see the A-20G, and Beaufighter. IMHO, the P-38 is a glaring omission in the Allied line up, the Typhoon and Tempest as well. Assets should come with the map, if it's a Pacific Map, and the IJN, IJA are on the Island, most weapon systems they used to defend it should be in the package. At this rate most of the community will be nickled and dimed to death or into the poor house.
  4. Sounds like the temperature guage that works less than half the time right after start up.
  5. Just plain old flaps up/neutral/down is too much to else expect!
  6. I think they want us to use "Toggle" on a button, and "on/off" on a switch. I agree, its good to have the option. I tend to use Toggle only on switches that have more than just On/Off functions. Like fuel switches.... Left wing, right wing, fuselage, combat tanks....... I like to use a three position switch for these toggles. I'll Sequence the Toggle "Forward" to chose my function, then use Toggle function rearward to adjust my initial selection.
  7. It does it automatically when you choose either Game/Sim setup for your bird of choice.
  8. Easy to spoof with Scooby snacks....
  9. LOL, not in the real world... good to know though..... what happened to the oil in the transmitter anyway?
  10. I personally would not want the Delta Sim TDC slew stick to be any longer than it already is. It works great out of the bag....... Hoss
  11. OMG MFT... not you... 32_fps..... LMAO...... weeeeeeeelll......whatchudoin MFT?.... I like long moonlit flights on the South Atlantic map...... NVG mood lighting for AAR's.....
  12. So where are you from, when do you fly, do you have a HOTAS?, TIR/VR, Communications... (TS, Discord, SRS).....
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