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  1. Opening windows store? Kinda curious why would that affect the script or the target GUI?
  2. I reinstalled DCS and sometimes I run into this weird problem (not all the time). When I have my DCS warthog plugged in and the target GUI program running, sometimes when I start DCS the stick itself has no response even though in the control panel there is signal. Only the throttle is recognized. I have to close DCS completely or unplug and plug back in for it to be recognized again which is a bit annoying, any ideas what's causing this issue? Much appreciated.
  3. After a long absent from DCS since my system was getting too old, I finally got my hands on a new 3080 graphics card so I can start flying again. I'm using a triple monitor setting and most of the aircraft are zoomed in too far. How do I adjust the FOV limits again? I remember it was in the DCS World OpenBeta\Config\View\Server.lua file I opened it with Notepad++ and adjusted the FOV limits from 140 to 160 but it's still the same in game? function default_fighter_player(t) local res = { CameraViewAngleLimits = {20.000000,160.000000}, Is there a different area I need to adjust and for each aircraft like the F-14? Also is there any mods that improves on the triple monitor GUI screens? Thanks!
  4. Oh that would be very cool! I’ll PM you directly
  5. I guess price wise it’s almost the same between Milan and sahaj- any recommendations which is better?
  6. I'm looking to get a warthog extension, maybe around 7.5-8 cm, I see a lot of sites in Europe that sells it but quite expensive to ship to the US. Anyone selling those extension tubes here?
  7. It's that time of the year again, Planes of Fame Airshow at Chino, California. The largest gathering on all these vintage old aircrafts. Too bad this year the weather was very fickle, cloudy/rainy with small pockets of blue sky. Here's some of my snaps from last sunday's show:
  8. I recently got the oculus rift and trying my best to get it working properly. Aside from the performance...I can't get the sound to work in DCS. Am i missing an option somewhere? I even manually selected headphones in my sound blaster app and it still doesn't transfer the sound in DCS to the rift. All other games do. Need some help.
  9. What you need to do is to adjust the limits of the view angles. Go into your server.lua file in config/view and adjust the plane you want to fly's limits I adjusted mine to 140 CameraViewAngleLimits = {20.000000,140.000000},
  10. Yea in game is fine, I want to know about the menu itself. Kinda tired of seeing the stretched menus or the cutoffs on the sides
  11. Anyone created menu mods for triple or ulta wide monitors yet? Or does anyone know the file location to the pictures used where i can try to adjust them myself.
  12. I hope not, that was the only background that was compatible for 3 screen monitors. All the others are stretched in low quality
  13. I would like to ask this as well, ever since the latest update I no longer see the moving sky background in the main menu option, that's weird.
  14. Not sure if you guys can apply the same concept with your current mounts but slide out from under the desk so it saves on space. Something like in the movie Batman v superman, Alfred was using it to pilot the plane and it was a thrustmaster warthog.
  15. Amazing work! It keeps getting better and better! One thing I would like to ask is increase the view distance of trees? I see them popping up and my settings are at max right now
  16. yea i loaded a saved mission it had this problem, try a brand new mission and see if that works.
  17. anyone having same program as me in the new patch 1.5.4 the hud fonts for only the F-15C and A-10A is too large or centered that you only see the middle portion. I think it's set to VR settings which I have it turned off in settings but its still oversized.
  18. I saw the same thing too, mainly because I was loading an old mission with the MiG-29, if it's a new mission then its gone.
  19. yea I've seen this issue come and go before, not sure what's causing it.
  20. I dunno I'm getting the opposite. 1.5.4 seems to have broken a lot of things. My A-10A and F-15C hud is oversized I can't even see the speed and altitude while the rest is fine. Old missions I saved won't load. The mod to view skins in the ME won't work. And they introduced that external view controlled by the trackir which isn't my cup of tea so yea a few things broken here and there.
  21. For some reason with the new patch, the A-10A and F-15C have oversized HUD fonts that I can't even see the altitude or speed on the sides but the Russian planes are all fine. Is there a way I can adjust the size of the hud fonts for american planes only?
  22. I got enough keys to be mapped out for the various planes I need to fly, don't need to sacrifice another key just for pause the trackir. Please add a off feature. it's great for video editors but not very practical in game.
  23. well yea I know the mouse is also working, but the trackir is always on, I don't want to press pause all the time to stop it from tracking. I rather have that off all together.
  24. Is there a way to turn it off, honestly not a big fan with the trackIR controlling the external view.
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