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  1. So Thanos would be the thing that determines compatibility with DCS?
  2. D-box is crazy $$$. SFX100 is cheap but from all the YouTube videos looks like a ton of work, people 3D printing parts and doing machining etc very complicated process. DOF Realty is also cheap, but it’s balanced from the chair below and the vendor says don’t mount cockpit over it, just a chair! Else there’d be weight balance issue. Plus unfriendly staff. I’d want a motion solution with 4 actuators. They look strong and can let me put my home built cockpit on it. Recently I heard of PT Actuator still $6-12k. Then e-racing lab is at $2-3k. Both are from China. Some forums and Reddit people say PT much quieter and better built than eracing lab. But it’s still pricey. Has anyone tried eracing lab for DCS? I don’t know how good is their product and if it’d even work for playing DCS.
  3. thanks Agrasyuk. What will you be using to drive this 16 segment display? The Tacan needs a 14-16 segment to display the X/Y. The UHF seems to work fine with the normal 7 segment display or am I missing something?
  4. I figured how to use the MAX7219 to make the VHF, UHF and ILS work on the A10C. But the Tacan has the X/Y that needs a 14 segment display which the MAX7219 does not seem to be able to handle. What do you guys use to drive the 14 segment? Do they come in 0.36 or 0.4" size? The common 0.56" is too big for my taste. And please share the sketch as well for the type of driver board you use. Thanks.
  5. For those of you who 3D print panels, is there a brand that you have tried that is a good translucent white that can work as top or light panel before being painted black? Most PLA filaments are transparent clear or opaque white. I have not really seen any translucent white which is best for spreading out light evenly. There are translucent PLAs for other colors but just not for white.
  6. thanks for being so quick to answer. I don't see any vendor out there on amazon, ebay or aliexpress selling removable max7219 tube other than 8 digits. can't find 4 or 2 digit removable type. those less than 8 digit use other types of chip, same with color. it sucks to have to search high and low to get the right number of digits and color.
  7. So you guys are saying get the max 7219 tube for its PCB sake. Then change the LEDs on top? Never thought of separating them. Good idea. I see some type have removable pins thus no need to desolder, resolder. But to replace them with the right color 7 segments its asking to choose common cathode or anode. I suppose the max7219 tube would state which type it uses.
  8. How do you open up the 7 segment to change the LED? it looks sealed.
  9. thanks for the explanations. my displays are too big. can't fit into the panels. i'm going to try the smaller 0.56" ones and max7219 but these seem to be mostly red, sometimes blue. all the green ones i can find on ebay and aliexpress are the TM1637 type. hmm.
  10. No1sonuk, Thanks very much for sharing the code for ILS. It works. like you said, it shows 4 digits only. There is no space on the panel for 2x4 digits displays anyway. I think the way to show 5 digits is those tedious 5x1 displays. I tested your IAS again. It still does not work for the A10C or A10C II. maybe it due to my dcs bios version? I'm using 0.7.41. I used manual install, not using the hub version, which stops working for all switches after 5 minutes every time. But it works on the P-51, and even on the F-18, though the digital display is about 10 knots lower than the hornet's speed on the HUD. So these adafruit GFX and LEDbackpack libraries are the correct ones for my 7 seg display. Do you mind sharing the code for the VHF, UHF, Tacan too? I know how to get all digital inputs working. And basic LED output too. But these 7 segment display have all kinds of string, char, float conversions from the examples i've seen for tacan and vhf. For the mega, the wire the SDA and SCL to pins 20 and 21. I don't specify pin numbers like those using the max7219. So for each mega it can only handle 4 digits? Like for VHF AM or FM we need 2x4 digits we will need 2 megas? or they can be daisy chained? wait, there is no space on the panel for 2x4 digits. Do you guys get those 6 digits display instead? I see besides HT16K33, there is max7219 and TM1637 type of 7 segments. Looks like I not not only bought a less popular type, I bought them too big. My displays are 0.75" tall. I see there are 0.36" and 0.56" ones. Which type and what size do you guys recommend for the VHF, UHF, TACAN etc? I know TACAN will need to be a 14 segment display.
  11. NO1sonuk, I tried all the examples in example library. The 4 digit 7 segment display lit up each time. But when I used your code nothing happens. Maybe because there is no expected digital IAS, only for servo IAS? I saw something has example for alphanumeric HT16K33, 14 segment for the A10 Tacan. I also have one of these. Again I tried the examples and it lit up, showing that i wired it correctly. But again when I ran it in the sim it did not light up at all. I know this HT16K33 is not as common as the max7219, but I’ve heard of the adafruit brand before and my impression is that it is not that uncommon. Is there no one else using this 7 segment display for the A10 to help? I studied the keywords in the library and tried editing and compiling the code many times. Yet to figure out enough to make it work. I didn’t expect it to this difficult.
  12. Yes Vinc I now realized it’s different than the max 7219, but this is adafruit which should be quite common too. On the mega it’s pin 20 and 21. if I were to use the max7219, can you provide some example of the code in the A10C? Whether for the radios or tacan or ILS etc?
  13. I recently bought a bunch of HT16K33 7 segment displays. Four digits each. It has 4 pins-VCC, ground, and D and C. I googled for examples of how to use them in dcs bios. Some used sevenseg.h, some HT16K33.h, some adafruit display etc. I installed the libraries and code but couldn't compile. I followed the example of sevenseg and my display lit up but couldn't figure the dcs bios code. Please someone provide example for 7 segment code for tacan, ILS, or VHF/UHF etc? I got all input code for the A10 working but output is totally new to me.
  14. I haven’t bought the kneeboard extension yet. So this is built on top of the standard kneeboard utility? I want to add my custom pages. Do I need a custom tab for custom pages?
  15. Max, sorry I missed the part about showing the current module. It did not show and I was wondering why. When it started working it still did not show initially. Then yesterday it started to show the module that I was flying. If I ever have issues again, I’d turn on debugging logs first. Thanks again.
  16. I tried using the dcs bios hub browser method. It consistently stops working after 5-7 minutes. Then I tried using the old method. Version 0.7.1 has multi port com. The latest ones don’t. So i installed the latest ones but copied the multi port com file to run several arduinos. That worked till I tried to disable one toggle and Reupload and it errored out. Now running single or multi com port gives the dreaded socat permission denied error. So I’m back to using the hub and it’s still timing out after a while. Is there a way to not let it stop working?
  17. Guys thanks for your offer to help. I have no kneeboard extension. My MP tab is all blank. I tried two things last night. 1. Remove the export.lua file 2. Put custom DCS path as D:\DCS World instead of leaving it blank. Neither worked. I made the change one at a time and tried each one. Really frustrating. Then today I turned on debugging and tried to capture the error. But the stupid no flight or ATC recipient errors went away! Both are being recognized! But the vaicom app crashed a few times within a minute. No biggy. Restarted it and as long as it can continue to recognize and execute my commands I'm a happy camper. I don't know what I did that made it work. If anything else changes I'd let you guys know. Thanks again.
  18. First of all, Max thanks for your help. Are you the official or unofficial support for vaicom? I emailed vaicom a few times never got reply. I have easy comms on. But that does not really matter. I manually selected the frequency, with or without easy comms. See the screenshots. It recognized what I said, and even showed the relevant commands in TX1 or TX2. But both say no recipients, whether flight or ATC. I'm sure others have had this error before too.
  19. I explained this above. I was in a mission with a wingman. I tried to talk to him via TX2 or TX4. What I said was understood but not executed as it says there is no flight recipient. Tried in a different mission. Same thing. Then I tried calling ATC by manually dialing to its frequency and pressed TX1 VHF AM. Again it says no ATC recipient. But using \ and F keys that ATC replies immediately. Again, I tried different ATCs. Same thing. So it says no flight or ATC recipients though they are there.
  20. i figured out the last part. turn off the HOT key on the PTT tab in the configuration window. BTW, how come it does not show the module that I am currently flying in? Last year in an older version of vaicom it will show the A10C.
  21. ok some progress. the second icon, the headset with mic, is always listening. even if I disable it, press the PTT once will keep it listening. when it is always listening, whatever I say and gets recognized will not be executed. But if I press TX2 down or TX4 up, it recognizes and tries to execute, yay! They key difference now is that I have to hold the PTT longer till it beeps then I let go! Duh. BUT... in a mission where my wingman is zipping around me, when I say Two rejoin, or Two, attack ground targets etc, it says no flight recipients available. WTF. Then I tuned to 140 MHz, press TX1 for VHF AM and say Vaziani Inbound. It says no ATC recipients available! But using menu commands Vaziani immediately give me directions to land! So finally when it stops saying 'not executed' it still can't execute coz there is no flight or ATC recipients even thought those are not true! how to configure that hotkey stays disabled and one has to press PTT to talk, so that it is not always listening?
  22. Thanks for the suggestion. I tried 2.5.24, 23, 22, 20 etc kept going down. Same error, with or without DCS running, or running first or after Vaicom starts. And I'm always running as admin. Don't understand why it is so difficult to get this working. Each time it recognized what I said but won't execute. I tried asking for help on facebook. Some said I was sending it to the wrong window. There is no window to specify. I looked at the spanner icon and various settings. Tried endless ways. Sigh.
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