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  1. OK, Thanks Skypat. Any recommended folder?
  2. My FC 2.0 install is in C:/programfiles (X86). Do I have to reinstall to make it work? I have Win7 Ultimate 64. I get a warning for Vista users when installing, but I`m not sure if this is valid for Win7 users.
  3. Thanks Ed. I have always thought of 2.0 as a patch and therefor should be installed in the same directory. I was pretty surprised when it works from another drive as well.
  4. Purchased FC 2.0 last night. All files recieved OK. I had a clean LockOn installed on my :D drive and thought 2.0 should install into the same folder. What happened was that I let 2.0 install in the default :C drive and it seems to work... except there are no flights in the Training section.:cry: So just a simple question: Am I good to go, or do I have to reinstall it in the LockOn 1.0 folder on the :D drive?
  5. It`s possible with advance permission. Should be plenty of time to fix that.
  6. I think it must be imminent. I believe the text for the russian download version changed only minutes ago.
  7. After the russian release of Flaming Cliffs 2.0 and the english version in the final testing and hopefully imminent release, I would like to congratulate ED. Thank you for keeping our hobby alive! :thumbup:
  8. No I haven`t. I thought I read somewhere that they were not available,especially not for Win7. I`ll do a new search anyway. I hope someone from ED can point me to the right drivers as I believe many uses this stick in BS. Thanks DarkEagle.:thumbup:
  9. I have migrated to Win7 64 Ultimate from XP Pro because I upgraded my PC. Now I have some troubles with my MS FF2 when flying Black Shark. I was very happy with how it performed in XP. Win 7 will not let me install the FF2 drivers from CD. It recognises the stick, but in BS the force is at maximum and the helicopter is impossible to fly smoothly as it was before. I know there are some FF settings to adjust in the setup area, but I`m not sure how to use them. I would be very happy if someone that uses MS FF2 could chime in and share how they fix this in Win7 64. Thanks. Viking
  10. I`ve read that FC 2.0 supports Win7. Just wonder if I have to activate Lockon before installing FC 2.0? The reason for asking is because FC 2.0 can either be installed on a clean Lockon or FC 1.12b. I have enough activations left on Lockon, but it would be nice to know. Also, I have the Win7 64 version. I assume the support for this is covered?
  11. Thank you!! Hehe, I thought I had looked everywhere. Works fine now and 6 activations left. :D
  12. Hi, I have upgraded my PC with MB,graphic card and Win7 64. I have installed Black shark, but when I start a mission it won`t accept my serial number. It asks for the correct serial number when I enter mine. I have the download version btw. I bought the russian version as well, before BS was released. Does this mean I have to buy another download because I did an upgrade? Also can someone confirm that the serial number is the same as the Transaction ID that I find in my profile in the DCS shop?
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