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  1. There is propaganda in it, there is also political agenda in it, you just don't see it. I didn't see it before, but now I do.
  2. This is their primary intention, and make money in the process also. I didn't realise this before, but now I do... Top Gun and this one, and all other war movies, are actually mostly propaganda... which is why I stopped watching them.
  3. Kuky


    Hi everyone, I haven't been in DCS for a few years now. I am now trying to promote Bitcoin system, original Peer-to-Peer Digital Cash crytpo currency (because Bitcoin BTC development has been hijacked and its usability as money, destroyed by central banks already)... so if anyone is interested in Bitcoin, please visit my YouTube channel to learn about this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKq...xjtooRKCS-G0hg
  4. I am sad to hear this, he was a great man, my thoughts are with his friends and family. We all come from nature and we all go back to nature eventually... RIP
  5. I've been on these forums and DCS for little over a decade, only stopped being involved with both due to change in personal life that prevent me from continuing... but hopefully will get back into it again. I am very surprised to see this go, I saw no issue with it at all and it was for me very nice way for us, the community, to share our free will with the rest and naturally and democratically self-regulate ourselves, so to speak. I hope you bring it back, possibly make some adjustments to it so to try to prevent abuse, but I feel getting rid of it is more negative then positive. I feel personal expression is very important, even if sometimes sounding negative, if we lose that, we lose a lot.
  6. That's normal, if you pay attention to center screen, it is tilted little bit upwards.
  7. I am still using HOTAS Cougar also and its programmed in Foxy and I still like it, not too difficult to program but is very powerful at the same time. Still serving me well all these years.
  8. seriously? 1.2m thickness of metal armour? Sure you didn't mean 120mm? EDIT: wow, looks like you're right, informational videos of this missile note 1200mm also.
  9. That's what I think it is also, I think game is not running full 32bit color, I even reported it long time ago but nothing ever came out of it.
  10. ED have said a few times that they cannot and will not make a DCS module for any plane that they are not able to get enough information on and of course they need approval to do so as well. The Su-27 is one of those aircraft... that was the case so far anyway, never know if ED will maybe sometime in future get hold of such information and be allowed to create it :)
  11. Nice work on the stick handle! I'll be getting one for sure, all these years I wanted a Russian style stick and finally that dream is becoming a reality :) Cheers!
  12. Just heard it also, very sad
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