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  1. Me too, I was hoping it would come this year, but resources seem to be too stretched for this to happen. We will see. Good to see there is work happening on it though.
  2. By Chizh: Yes, I agree here the behavior of ground units and especially infantry in DCS is still very far from reality. Here you need to understand that DCS was originally a flight simulator, in which the ground was only to play along in the form of targets. At one time, the infantry was implemented as an experimental feature based on the AI of armored vehicles, hence its stupidity. Now we are working on creating a new AI for infantry movements in group formations, with overcoming and avoiding obstacles. We still have to create animations for the new fighter models, which requires quite a lot of work. When we have something to show, we will show it.
  3. I am Virpil CM3 user and I found all the guides for user curve not that helpful. Try what I did and maybe it will work for you. Viper special options, afterburner detent set to always off. I started with initial -10 curvature instead of User Curve. Jump to the cockpit and use RCTRL+ENTER controls indicator, I moved throttle to the detent and look at the indicator thrust position. OK, almost, I went quickly to adjust controls and set my curvature to -11. Bang on. Perfect match. Just go, compare physical location of throttle vs. its simulated position using controls indicator AND visual throttle shifting up, and adjust negative curvature until you get the perfect match. Not guaranteed for WW throttle but works for at least two CM3 throttles I know of
  4. Yeah I know, KS-3A was the early variant but S-3B gained "K" through the buddy store. Maybe I should phrase my question differently but it stands. I saw no mention or screenshot of S-3B configured for AAR.
  5. Will the S-3B come with tanker version as well? You never mentioned it or I missed the info.
  6. For the first time ever I looked at the guide other than official ED document and quick glance at Chucks F-16 guide revealed contradictory action during start up. By ED manual: nullDL Switch should be set in DL position - which I remember doing from day 1. By Chuck: DL (Datalink) Receiver and MAP switches can be left to OFF since they have no function on the F -16C Block 50. I guess one of them is wrong, right?
  7. Hi @GazAce I tried to replicate the above but I must say I could not generate the error you mention. It seems to be working fine in the above scenario.
  8. My last flight -- Hey G, look there mate, let me know what you get. --------------------------- AAA SAM LR SAM LR SAM LR SAM SR SAM MR TRUCK OK G... Well, aim at anything and fire for effect mate. Seriously though, I really like the suggestion by OP, maybe @Dagobert666 is a bit too much, specifically the distance bit without ranging first in Apache, and Hind, well, we all know it's not "Gucci laser range finder"
  9. Hi @Elite9092, In one of the interviews Wags mentioned that aircraft external preflight is something he would like to have in game. As far as I remember there is no separate tank livery, quick look in VFA-83s description.lua file I see only one reference to FPU_8A. Well, your wish is here and ED will certainly see it. Keep your expectations low on this, with the amount of work in progress, current plans and project pipeline I don't think the two above items would be considered in the coming years.
  10. OK, NO aircraft in DCS is able to withstand a solid, sniper - accurate burst from AK-47 - this is DCS imperfect simulation of infantry and small arms - or the lack of thereof. Having certain parts of aircraft getting visually damaged based on "number of hits" is down to the accuracy in damage model, animation and special effects - and we know it is nowhere near being done and dusted in DCS. The most comprehensive one is probably for WW2 birds and I would expect AH-64D has got only rudimentary damage model at this stage anyways. Getting a hit from AAA is surely going to bring you down, that is why people bother designing and producing AAA systems in the first place. If Shilka's 23mm is enough for its purpose, surely 30mm rounds from any autocannon can do the job as well. Yes, in DCS bullets are sniper accurate. Lower the skill for the ground unit to make it a little bit less proficient.
  11. Over in the ru part of the forum PilotMi8 posted an example calculation for Mi-24 module some time before it was released into early access. It was definitely fun read and nice bit of info, but I never used it in DCS. I remember years ago there was a calculation for the Warthog as well. Other than that, make sure the tanker is available or some of the airbases are on your side. I agree with SharepeXB. As for the "if the flight is beyond the max range" - use public data on combat radius of given airframe, use its tactics, apply some fuel burn rate knowledge and you are good.
  12. What is your screen resolution? I would not expect anything better with your hardware if trying to render Syria in more than 1080p Also, there are few places in Cyprus, Turkey and Lebanon I know of where Syria performance sinks considerably even for my setup, where in overall Syria exceeds 80fps for me in low level flight on High settings in 1440p.
  13. Also looking up the manual, IHADSS Cruise Mode Symbology: Engine Torque (TQ). Displays the highest torque of the two engines. When a greater than 12% split occurs between the engine torque values, the torque digital readout will flash. A box will be displayed around the torque at 98% or higher
  14. I had it ticked and now tested without slider selected. The track I posted is without slider. But I have the same when slider is selected.
  15. I use X-56 throttle and I also see the torque jumps so this is NOT about Virpil gear. I also noticed the torque value also changes when you move the rudder. I know too little about the Apache yet to understand if this is intentional or not. Track attached, maybe @BIGNEWY could let us know? TRQ.trk
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