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  1. In general, the assets pack was a huge waste of money to me. It's just garbage. And in view of recent world events, I am tossing DCS. As far as I am concerned, anything out of Russia can go <profanity> itself! PERIOD!!!!! You people should be ashamed of yourselves letting this keep going on. Some of us know that things are bigger than us, our entertainment and caring whether people want us in their circle. Until you people start pushing back against your Piece of <profanity> leader, I'm out.....PERIOD! It's the right thing to do.
  2. All I want is for ED to just give me what was promised all of those years ago. If they'd just deliver the complete product, that would be fine with me.
  3. Woah.......Thank you so much for this elaborate explanation. I certainly appreciate it very much. You explained a lot to me and I have a better understanding now. Although I may never use CA, I at least have learned that most of my issues are with the ME. I will go over all of this stuff in the ME and maybe I can create more elaborate missions to fool around with. Again: Thanks a million!!!
  4. Ahhh...So CA is only for "in game" use? And if I am understanding you guys correctly, it's pretty much the ME and it's AI that are the real issue. Informative........Thanks guys.
  5. I have owned CA now for it's entire existence. When I purchased I thought that I understood what I was purchasing but over the years I have long since abandoned ever using it. I think that I have been under a misconception about it. I would like to clarify this and better understand if it is CA that's causing my woes of mission creation or if the fault lies in bugs with the ME and have nothing to do with CA itself. So I would like to ask a few question about creating mission and the role that CA plays in that, if any under (lets say)minimal conditions. I have only attempted to create very simple scenarios but things go terribly wrong from the very first placement, tack, order, or whatever. At the present, I find CA to be counter intuitive, lacking in usability, and it does not perform assigned tasks with any accuracy whatsoever. I have yet to create even the simplest of missions that actually work. So if anyone could please indulge me on this and answer a few questions: The first question is pretty cut and dry. Can I create missions where I use triggers, set parameters for planes, tanks, or other vehicles to follow using only the ME? 2. If I go into the ME and place 4, B-17's to take off from an airfield, Set up waypoints from the runway to an objective target area, and then order them to fly back to the base. Say I set the cruising altitude to be 20,000 ft. So I increase the altitude of the formation at different waypoints to get them up to 20,000 feet without them going pretty much straight up to 20,000 at insanely slow speed. None of this matters however as they never fly by my orders. I find them at 6000 feet, or 10,000 feet but never at the 20,000 I set. The same goes for their air speed or any other parameters I set. They just won't follow. Is this the ME or CA? 3. I set troops on the ground. I set them to move to stratigic areas on the map. They stop at every obstacle. They get hung up and in most cases, never get to their destination. Lots of times they don't go anywhere. Is this CA, or the ME? I guess that I am not sure where the ME comes in and where CA ends. I have no idea where the line is. My assumption would be that CA is for complex, on the fly commanding while CA sets up the basic placement and conditions of a mission. But if this is the case, if the ME doesn't work right, would that not make CA pretty useless? I want to like CA and not have grievances, but the truth is that I cannot set up simple missions because either CA, or the ME doesn't work right. I guess that I should mention that there was a time (around when the Huey came out) that I could set up simple recon, or Dust off type mission where I would go out and evac soldiers while under fire and such. It seems like it all went down the tubes when the embark feature quit working all those years ago, shortly after and is sometimes working, and sometimes not. Since then it has always been touch and go as to what worked and what did not. I am willing to bet that there are others who have this same problem. Not really knowing the differences between CA and ME. Thanks!
  6. Here's some advice from a person who has been using DCS for 20 years. ED is long on promises but short on delivery pretty much about 50% of the time. I would never prepay for anything here. Been there....Done that. You never know what the end product will be. You won't know if they will leave systems promised, or deal breaking bugs to hang on year after year from your purchase date. You will watch your pre purchased module go ignored for years while ED is coming out with more and more unfinished stuff. It can be pretty infuriating. This is a sad but true reality when it comes to dealing with ED. When I was still buying stuff from ED, toward the end I would let a module be released, see if the complaints, bugs, and promises were dealt with by ED, and then decide if it was worth the aggravation to deal with all of those things. I never thought of how exciting the module was. I just got to the point of asking myself if it were worth the hassle of waiting for things that in many cases, would never come.
  7. "I can't speak about being here long enough to have pre order it, but I would argue that CA does pretty much everything the label says it can under the current version. But isn't the fuss about looking forward instead of back when it was released?" 99% of the forum complaints and my personal experience prove your OPINION wrong. CA does not now, nor has it ever worked correctly. It has been a thorn in the side of those who had any hopes at all for it from day 1. If you don't agree, please present some kind of proof of it. Never ending complaint threads and my CA that does nothing more than place stuff on the ground for target practice is more than enough to drive my point home. If you have designed functional missions using only CA and nothing else that you didn't have to Alter LUA files and rig from here to eternity, I would certainly like to try them.
  8. Combined Arms never worked the way it was supposedly designed to. Why all the fuss now? Go back in the forums. This is an old and dead horse kind of subject. We who were around back then and pre purchased CA got over this years ago.
  9. "This is really a pity, because it pushes me not to buy other modules of belsimtek. Thanks for the information." BINGO!!!! Not a red cent to ED........ If everyone would start keeping their word and hold back their $$$ then ED would probably start making this a priority. But too many people put their money back into modules and not where their mouth is.
  10. I have been with DCS now since the beginning of DCS Balckshark when it was released on CD many years ago. In fact, I still have that disk somewhere. I have since purchased many modules over the years. Over the past recent years I just stopped sinking money into DCS. Combined Arms, and Assets Pack are 2 of the many reasons that I have lost interest in DCS. My experience with CA is that it's clumsy, counter intuitive, doesn't work like it's suppose to, needlessly complicated, and just a bad purchase all around. DCS touted how easy and effective it would all be. When did that ever come about??? It seems that even if, and when you can get it to act right, you have to do trial and error testing for days to get any particular task to be performed with any consistency at all in mission. Example: B17's and bombs........Need more be said on this?? Go read the countless posts on it. Getting them to do what is asked of them is so insanely frustrating that you get pissed off every time and give up. I have only once in all the years of having CA gotten them to drop anything but themselves to the ground. And before you start preaching that I just don't know how....Well, I do (or did anyway), but it's never consistent. "Select Iron bombs" tell 'em where to drop and all that stuff. Then for whatever reason, it doesn't work any more so then you got to go find the work around for it or alter files configs. No thanks....I didn't sign on as a Dev. The software should work the way ED says it will. Embark features on the Helis??? It was there at first and worked well but now you have to work around a system that wasn't broken in the beginning. It seems like anything I need to do in a mission is a major problem for CA. Hell....Even my own planes flying with me or for me do what they want and ignore orders. CA has turned out to be one of my DCS regrets as I never use it any more unless I am creating a practice range with static vehicles. Gets boring fast! Heaven forbid I ask any of them to do more than drive a road, and even then sometimes they mess that up. I am not saying that I need to specifically know how to get planes to drop bombs. That's just an example. My problem is that you need to do so many ridiculous things to get even the simplest of tasks out of CA vehicles, planes, and troops. It has never worked correctly for me without doing what seems like a day's work for 2 minutes of play. So those of you making these "complex" missions.....Do you have to alter a lot of LUA files or what? Well that shouldn't be the case. This thing should be working after so many years. So maybe there should be a thread somewhere that people can share their CA tricks, or even just using the damn thing. To me it's just junk that I have that doesn't work............
  11. 2019???? I have had some of these modules for up to 6-8 years and still they are not complete. Assets pack is one of them. Coming up on 5 years now and It's not even close to where they promised, and I don't hold out much hope based on the current track record. Not to mention that many of the vehicles are not working properly. The Tiger tank cannot be killed by the A10's cannon??? I posted a video on it several years ago and it never got addressed. Along with countless other ridiculous failures on ED's part. Much as I understand your enthusiasm, years after my purchase I still do not have a working product in many cases, yet I'm seeing the creator of said product out there asking for more money for more incomplete stuff..........Well.....You do the math. And just think of the many many many many others here who have had to deal with this mess. ED seems to love shooting themselves in the foot. I have been with DCS from day one. 20 years or so. At one point I bought every module out of trying to be supportive. But they get nothing more out of me. Not now....Not ever. I have left for a year at a time, swearing off DCS because of these issues. I made them aware of all of this. When I came back to give them another chance, gave 'em some $$ and bought some new modules in good faith. same old problems, issues not addressed, incomplete modules. So now, I have the modules I have. I will play with them, enjoy them, but I don't care to give any more money to a company that has been neglecting it's base for so long. The customer, seller relationship is completely and hopelessly broken for me. I don't like having to make these types of posts (makes me feel like an a$$) but it would seem that ED doesn't really care about ongoing, incomplete projects, only generating income through more incomplete projects. If they can create a whole F-18, Mosquito, Mi-24, and other advanced AC with all of their complexities and computer systems. They can easily turn out working AI aircraft, and vehicles for the Assets pack. It's shameful. Other recent events in simming have reduced my time in DCS down to probably a few hours a month. Mostly because of the frustration factor with DCS. ED had better think about that. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has decided to go this rout.
  12. LOL.....If there were a module that I wish I'd never purchased, It would be the WWII assets pack.
  13. Wow! If this thread actually works then: Dear ED: Fix all of the damn issues with all of the damn not finished modules that you released years ago instead of making more incomplete modules and asking for more damn money........ Yeah well......Damn.......Was worth a try..........
  14. And it extends into so many areas that I get insanely frustrated with DCS and quit for months at a time. It just sucks. I recently came back to DCS some months ago after a year or so. I even purchased 2 more modules and maps. It all seems ok on the surface and it's lots of fun to just fly around, maybe shoot some stuff up (Kudos on that ED), but when you want to go in depth and use the ME or learn some advanced systems stuff, you have to hope and pray that they fixed things enough for you to do it. I went into the ME and tried to set up simple missions and unless I alter LUA after LUA, the vehicles, planes, boats, troops, tasks, wing men, and pilots act like mindless, slobbering zombies, doing whatever they like....Certainly not what I programmed them to to in the ME. In short....Same old clunky, nearly impossible to use as ED intended stuff. ME should not have to depend on user work arounds for 50% of it's functions to work as they are suppose to. I have never gone into the Fallout LUA, or the COD LUA files to fix problems. Never had to. I would go into the ME forum section and ask about all of this but I already know what I have to do because this problem has plaged the sim for years and years. And It's not my job to rework what ED should have already had worked out. I have been here since 2000 or so.......Still stuff broken from waaaay back then. Please ED.........Don't punish your base for being unhappy when they have every right to be. Just please fix some of these things.
  15. So in 2016 this topic was posted in the bugs and problems section. It was hashed over, thought out, supposedly reported, and over 4 years later is still being complained about. And not addressed according to everything I see. No fix in sight. 4 years folks. 4 years..... This is the only reason that I never really fly the F86 ( a great plane by the way). It's nearly useless in A/G or A/A combat. 4 years....... Now, when someone new discovers this problem, they tell them it's reported and close the thread. Really ED????? Come on....I guess I expect too much from you guys.......... This is why I went 2 years without buying anything. And maybe will go back to that stance. Such a disappointment that my money is being tossed away on things that will never be finished to the point of the satisfaction of those who purchased them. Temp ban me, suspend me, do whatever you want. This is a very legitimate problem. Making those who are unhappy and are asking ED politely (and then maybe not so politely after years of asking) to fix the problem feel out of line for expecting to get what they paid is not acceptable. Many of the issues that have plagued some of these modules for years end up in this old hidden dust bin. I kind of need to start seeing something more than forum promises. I think that all of us deserve that much from ED. It's our money you are getting.
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