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  1. Never happened to me, updated quite a few times already. Re-setting it up doesn't take that long though.
  2. Steps: - Make a copy of your current install and put it somewhere on your PC (can be on the same drive if it's large enough). - Use Skatezilla's updater (https://forum.dcs.world/topic/134493-the-dcs-updater-gui-utility/ ) utility and update your just copied copy into the version you want. - Either create icons to the new install or use Skatezilla's updater to launch the version you want to use.
  3. I agree with admiki. It would be different if TrackIR would be part of the helicopter system but it's not.
  4. That was my first thought too but then not being able to "click" switches in the cockpit has nothing to do with control assignment.
  5. Works fine here in the F-16 (and also the F-18), slewing the cursor and clicking in both pits. Latest update (today).
  6. Yep, DCS differs from that compared to other games/sims. They all have a total general setup, same for every type of plane you fly. (WT, IL-2, MSFS etc...). However, in general, jets developed by ED have almost the same terminology, pre-DCS (Flaming Cliffs jets) differ a bit from these but can be considered as a group, same for all warbirds by ED which use again use a bit different terminology (except for stuff that specifically to a certain aircraft). Aircraft by 3th party developers then again differ here and there. But depending on the software (if any) you use for the controllers, you can single write a lot of general stuff which you can then use across all aircraft. Also, i set up my controllers +/- the same for each airplane regardless of reality. Result are less brainfarts. Nothing wrong with autostart, i can only manually start the A-10C, for all others i use autostart. With this in mind you can spend some more time to get other stuff ironed out. You'll need it...
  7. I would pick one aircraft to start learning, not multiple since you can mess up yourself if you start mixing both. There are lots of Youtube channels who offer a complete step through one step at a time. A few examples: A-10: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF779D43F5153AD8E F-18: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLer9oF4AanvFOfG4sSZSHJQZeMQx7YGr6 and F-18: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLer9oF4AanvGAo-V9XWyHsyMaGE8r22RH
  8. DCS forum has a dedicated subforum for anything related to controllers. You might want to repost there... https://forum.dcs.world/forum/70-input-devices/
  9. Sedenion's script turns every button into a DX button by default (see chart_complete.png). Either you need to rewrite MapThrottle.tmh to match it to your current setup or get the DX120 mod and integrate that into your script so you have the 120 DX buttons available for your own profiles and use them where you want them.
  10. @doomfreak777: there's a 2-weeks trial on a lot of modules (but not all) so you can test the modules you are interested in. No need to buy the module if it's not what you want.
  11. I created "general" macro's for use with TM's Target software. I have a communication marco, a camera/view one, a general, etc... which i can use i each script across all the modules i use. Makes things easy and even if load the wrong HOTAS script, it's still for 90% usable because i made it work common. Joystick Gremlin (http://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/) is another option to get things organized.
  12. When i stop the service "after" boot, TARGET still runs without a problem, both the GUI and Script. Edit: this is because either starting GUI or Script makes the service run again. When i "disable" the service and reboot, both GUI and Script don't run but i get another message then you (see below): In this case, running either GUI or Script doesn't make the FAST service running again. If i then start the service manually, everything runs again without a problem. If i then stop the service, everything also keeps working as it should because running GUI or Script restarts the service.
  13. My v3.0.21.910_rev1 runs after after i upgraded from the previous v3.0.21.826 version. TmService in the root folder is the one that's need to run. What happens if you downgrade back to the version you had running before the upgrade to v3.0.21.910_rev1 ?
  14. Just bought it, looks stunning. But then while creating a quick flight in the editor just to be able to fly around a bit i realized that this map has one big drawback and that is the distance between the Falklands and the mainland (Argentina or Chile). I wonder how many will fly the entire distance for an attack run only to get shot on the first approach over the target and then hit the refly button for another go which will take yet again the same amount of time to get there? Ex: A-10's will have a + one hour flight time to cross and one more to get back which makes it directly a +2 hour session and than i won't bring up heli's). Then carriers come into play but this limits the amount of flyable aircraft by a big amount.
  15. WinWing subforum: https://forum.dcs.world/forum/605-winwing/
  16. Don, we're talking about 2 different things here. I'm still talking about the images TylerPL666 posted above (i responded directly underneed it), you still talk about the 3D effect visible in VR.
  17. I was referring to the images above my previous post Don, not what you see and i don't with the 5 settings. Since the images above are the same for everyone (because of not viewed in VR) i wonder what the real difference was which i don't seem to see on those. If you can see something different beside the camera standpoint being different and a pixelshift here and there, i'm just curious on what that is.
  18. Well, i don't know what you guys are seeing differently but for me, beside the fact that the camera standpoint is not exactly the same, the quality of the images is the same. If not, maybe point it out with colored arrows where the difference is because i don't really see it.
  19. I used to have that but deleted it a while ago together with my entire Cougar folder in which is resided. I do have a DCS target macro generator script if someone is interested. Just PM me for a copy.
  20. I don't think so, if i'm correct they are re-created when you delete them.
  21. You can remove the contents of both the fxo and metashaders2 folders (or delete the folders entirely, they are re-created when you first run DCS after they have been removed). Personally, i have never seen any difference in performance if these where not deleted (i've done both ways). Pagefile setting: fixed space (so not windows managed) and as large as your RAM is. So if you run 32GB RAM, set the page file max and min to 32 GB.
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