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  1. After almost 10 years waiting for the dedicated server i will not buy it.This is how community dies.I buy only the good things and dont ask for a price. Aviation is my life and I'm a pilot but I prefer to play with RC model than to lose my nerve with the simulation which always something missing. Most likely the post will be deleted, but I said honestly. Regards
  2. I think this is very inappropriate and evil-minded comment written by a man who apparently was not familiar with the problem of downing all dedicated servers in Lock-on community. We do not have any signs, banners, which would in any way put our site in commercial or profitable websites and therefore we do not need clicks or anything that will raise the rating of our site.That was one way of stopping the attack on a dedicated server. Regards
  3. I dont like this mix.This is my first time in 9 years i wont support ED and by this simulation.
  4. WWII plane.....whats the point of that?We have World of tanks, now in beta testing World of War planes.....for WWII planes. I'm sorry,i was your great supporter until now.This is redecilous.Maybe you shood post this trad in IL2 forum...not here.
  5. Tou dont need SAM for that,NEVA is enough........worked for us :thumbup:
  6. You are all obviously forgotten that Lock On FC2.0 is still only a game.We do not have the right information on any Weapons that are used in the game 100%. So we made ​​a mod that is for people who want a novelty for Russian aircraft . We did not put the R77 because MIG 29 would not be beneficial. We expect to complete the statistics these days and immediately after that release the mod in our dedicated server. All are welcome to come and test the mod, I hope that we will all have the most fun. Regards
  7. Yea.....but did you play 1.02 ??That's the way it should be in the first place....for i can say. Nice work ED !!!
  8. The truth is i m allredy on SLI ,but the performance are not better.First i was on 2X 6800GTUltra,and now on 7900GT but still nothing new.Well i can play online with my setings on HI ,but thet is not the point.I want 70FPS over the towns in 5 m Altitude...........shame its not going to hapend.
  9. I did it... Like in a picture.:megalol:
  10. 4cHerros

    Have to ask??

    Did the SU27 had R77 in the Flanker game?
  11. Try to backUp your LockOn activision,and then reinstall the all game from the start.
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