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  1. Hi to all, could someone post here link download for SU 30? bye
  2. Compared to the beginning the procedure has changed slightly, however the bombing with this procedure remains very inaccurate ....
  3. Thank Frederf today will try bye my friend
  4. HI but I have to use weapon system CMD/FWD for show the diamond or use Magic Slave/AG Designate/INS Position Update ? can please post a very simple mission with all parameter insert ?
  5. hi everyone, F-18 has 20 preset channels for ILS how can I see the preset frequency for each channel? also I tried to manually set the channel 111,50 but it always gives an error, how do you manually enter the ILS of the land bases? bye
  6. ivo

    Mark point

    Thank alt-y I had forgotten it Bye
  7. ivo

    Mark point

    Here there is the method for change coordinates ( thank Greem Rippers) but I don't understad what switch key to use fir it
  8. ivo

    Mark point

    Thank, then for lat nord N421038 enter and for long E0422852 enter but on the DED there is LAT N XX.XX.XXX and for LNG E XXX.XX.XXX on the map for North 42.10.38 insted XX.XX.XXX lost last number for Est 42.28.58 istead E (0)XX.XX.XXX lost last number
  9. ivo

    Mark point

    coordinates from map
  10. Hi to all when I set the mark point whit Lat nord I can to insert the coordinates Nxx.xx.xx but with the long Est I alway get error E xx.xx.xx I get the coordinates from the map while in flight F10
  11. ivo

    syntetic runway

    Thank a lot Ramsay my english is not as good as my pilot skills skill bye
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