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  1. Do you have the throttle quadrant photo as well please?
  2. Afternoon all I’m trying to do the 30mm training mission I can arm gun but can’t find key to wasup the gun ?
  3. rextar


    Need help please. I’m flying f14 and trying to use mouse to control jesta with no luck can anyone point me in the right direction how to do this? ????
  4. Can anyone help as I don’t have vr I’m trying to use mouse to control jesta but how is this possible?
  5. I have black shark 1 so a module I have purchased I cannot use anymore??
  6. hi guys a purchased blackshark a while back but when I go to modules it says I have to buy doest show up as bought:helpsmilie: regards
  7. the program cant start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime i1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer need help pilots
  8. Maulkin you are a star problem solved Many thanks buddy!!!!
  9. Morning guys,just started DCS and installed new updater. then... tried starting DCS World and got the following message. The program cant start because MSVCR110.dll is missing reinstall the program to fix this problem can anyone help?# thx guys!!:cry:
  10. rextar


    Thoughts of the new breed of console? Anyone got it. pros and cons please!!
  11. rextar

    GTA 5

    Has the updates installed?? When that happerns back out to story mode then into online.
  12. rextar

    GTA 5

    Still waiting... so hard to get $$$$$$ online i need a garage!!!!
  13. rextar

    GTA 5

    GET ONLINE .... we are all due $250000 in a few days if you play this month!! (Gta bank that is lol)
  14. I guess the vortices are still wip....?
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