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  1. Hello, Target size is described as INOP in the module's manual: I spent all my afternoon to understand why C-802AK work against some ships but not others, until I found the answer here... Manual should be update when new features are released. Thanks.
  2. OH-MY-GOSH !!! Was waiting for it even before the Tomcat release ! Amazing !
  3. So it just add more weight to the aircraft for nothing useful ....? (in DCS)
  4. Hello ! Reported in HB bugs section but as it's a DCS issue:
  5. Thank you, but does ED is aware of it? Or should I report it in the general bug section?
  6. Hello ! I just come back from a multiplayer session in multicrew on a PvE server. After looking at the tacview I noticed this: At every AIM-54(A Mk60) launch in TWS (at 40nm), the AI fighters targets start to chaff instantly (seen on the 6 targets we engaged). AI is aware of the missile launch from the begining whereas it should be when it become active. They seems to do a defensive maneuver too, but it looks like more kind of cranks than a real defensive.
  7. Awesome video! Fantastic work! If only it cool be an official reality in DCS... In 20 years maybe...
  8. UP ! After last open beta patch "ghost Eclair pod" bug still present but it's not only a cosmetic issue: _ Without Eclair pod: Only 14 flares, should be 16. Launched from integrated Spiral flare dispensers. _ With "ghost Eclair pod": Only 14 flares, should be 32. Launched from Eclair pod location.
  9. I confirm the crash too. It happens when I switch the external view to a boat or an object near a boat.
  10. Ok, thank you for the info. It should have been indicated in the patch note...
  11. Same here. During my first flight, big boom in mid-air and my mossie crippled by shrapnels.
  12. Hello ! Destroyed SAM Hawk units don't burn and smoke. I test on BTR-80, Shilka and Patriot site, they all burn so it's maybe only Hawk's related. Latest Open Beta patch.
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