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  1. Yes main two major issues are alternators failure and oversensitive engine shut off because of wake turbulence (a nightmare to take off in multiplayer). Good WIP items list though.
  2. Yes the whole radar systems seems a very early WIP (I hope it's a kind of placeholder waiting a more realistic radar simulation), but in case of: Radar emits and detect target on ground in HA/IC mode (STBY or XMIT). Here you can see a blackhawk helicopter flying in front of me. However STBY seems to work in V1 map mode.
  3. Yes "LISSE" mean clean aircraft without external fuel tank. "BIDONS" mean external fuel tanks.
  4. Hi ! When you remove the radar cover, the ejection handle safety pin disappear too.
  5. Hi ! Wake turbulence causes engine stall, shut off or plane destruction. Engine stall or shut off happens not only when you take off after an other plane, but even waiting on taxiway holding point with an other plane landing passing by in front of you (so 90° off your longitudinal axis). In flight when you cross an other plane's wake turbulence (during dogfight or terrain following) your plane can explode in flight in some cases. ED's wake turbulence is widely known to be too strong, but here the Mirage's engine is too much sensitive to this effect.
  6. You have to do a long press on the button.
  7. Maybe it's ALT2 then ALT1, I don't remember honestly. Master Valve were On too.
  8. Hi ! It happened to my wingman and myself on our first flight. Persian Gulf map with 31°C. The ALT1 failed about 20min after take-off, then the ALT2 failed about 10min later for both of us. We were flying between FL 250 and FL280 around mach 0.9 so well outside the forbidden zone. We did a second flight on the same mission but with 28°C and it happend again to my wingman but me, and only ALT1 this time. I did some flight on an MP server set at 28°C Caucasus map and nothing happened too me since.
  9. Happened to me today with an Igla. The missile go to my flare and continue straight above me, but I explode an instant later. It doesn't happen with IR missile only. I saw it with radar guided missile too. Many time I saw for exemple a SA-2 to kill me whereas I saw him pass by far. Very annoying to defend a missile that is not really in the position you see it. In fact a lot of weapons (missiles, bombs...) are desync in MP currently.
  10. Hi ! Config: 6x Mk82 + 2x Magics + Belly fuel tank -> You can reach Mach 2.0+ Config: 6x SAMP-250 + 2x Magics + Belly fuel tank -> You can't go over Mach 0.90 and even after bombs jettison nothing happens, it stays at Mach 0.90. HUD's chevrons don't even move whereas fuel tank and Magics jettisson moves chevrons and increase speed to Mach 0.92. Track attached. SAMP250_Drag_Bug.trk
  11. From BS2 manual: From BS2 manual: So except the three different alignment options, I don't really understand what's new here ? From BS2 manual: If INU drift is updated by GNSS what's the point of over-flight or shkval fix point except in case of GNSS failure, that never happen in DCS ? I probably missed something but this newsletter surprised me. Cordially.
  12. Hello, Target size is described as INOP in the module's manual: I spent all my afternoon to understand why C-802AK work against some ships but not others, until I found the answer here... Manual should be update when new features are released. Thanks.
  13. OH-MY-GOSH !!! Was waiting for it even before the Tomcat release ! Amazing !
  14. So it just add more weight to the aircraft for nothing useful ....? (in DCS)
  15. Hello ! Reported in HB bugs section but as it's a DCS issue:
  16. Thank you, but does ED is aware of it? Or should I report it in the general bug section?
  17. Hello ! I just come back from a multiplayer session in multicrew on a PvE server. After looking at the tacview I noticed this: At every AIM-54(A Mk60) launch in TWS (at 40nm), the AI fighters targets start to chaff instantly (seen on the 6 targets we engaged). AI is aware of the missile launch from the begining whereas it should be when it become active. They seems to do a defensive maneuver too, but it looks like more kind of cranks than a real defensive.
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