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  1. tnx, I put the ´safety´ slider all the way down and it works now.
  2. I did like you say but when I try to install the libraries as mentioned in point6, I get a "you need admin rights to...." error. How do I deal with this? When I check my acount it says I´m logged on as administrator. please help.
  3. Thanks for all the replies, it was helpfull. I've made my choice and bought a Dell online with: Intel Core i3 330M @ 2.13 GHz, 4GB RAM and ATI HD4330
  4. Hi guys, long time no see, but as you might know I've been busy flying IRL so I tend to forget the exiting virtual world. Anyway, my 7-yr old desktop has made it to the eternal hunting grounds and I'm looking for a laptop to replace it. This is where I need some help. I'm NOT looking for a system that will play Lockon (or upcoming A10c) with super FPS at max settings but rather a system that gives me >20FPS with most options in LockOn set to max. My budget is limited and I'm aiming for something between 500-600 euro's. Will something like this suffice? - cpu: Pentium dual T4300 2,1GHz - graphics: ATI HD4530 or Nvidea G103M (both 512Mb) - memory: 3Gb Any info on cpu type/speed and graphics adapter is welcome. Thanks.
  5. If you use only the *.SCN file in my ModMan addon, Razdolnoe will not be moved. However, the airbase objects like tower and hangars will still be moved to Merzifon. I could make another addon but don't have the time right now.
  6. see attached the attached modman addon replaces the original in-game encyclopedia with a new one. This new one has ALL lockon objects in it including the file names as they exist on your hard drive. LOFC_encyclopedia_mod_v1.zip
  7. Hi, When the problem does not occur in LOW mode my guess is that some of your LOM or CMD file names are mixed up or missing. The Merzifon 1.3 mod adds objects to the Sochi parking area like containers and toolboxes. try renaming those CMD files to check this or otherwise re-install all original LOM and CMD files in the Bazar folder
  8. it's original. Check the coordinates and have a look yourself (20nm north-west of Adler AB)
  9. aliens? Did aliens make this sign?:smartass:
  10. Allthough a great idea, at this point the graphics by Tomcatz need some tuning before I can use them in a future scenery mod. Works like a charme except for one pair of oiltanks that remain white. I do like the animals but agree that the farm and fence look bit to 'neat'. I'm also afraid that the need to modify the graphics config will make it less suitable for a scenery mod as it will screw up most people's setup. Is there a way around this? The single trees do look great and I could use some seperate LOM files of stand-alone trees and low bushes for a future scenery mod.
  11. I don't understand why these graphics are so dependant on other mods. The LOM files and temptextures seem to be different so why won't they work. Attached a screenshot with Tomcatz parkingbox using the original high.scn and one with my high.scn version 1.3 I jave simular problems with the Towbar mod; It showed ok (green collored) on my laptop but not ok (yellow collored) on my PC at home. Can someone explain what things influence weather the objects are displayed correctly or not? tnx
  12. The ALS does show but the light isn't symmetrical. Any ideas? PS; can the lights please be made more bright so they can be seen from further away?
  13. In my Merzifon 1.3 scenery mod I also added those sol-called earth embankments and toolboxes as well as Tomcatzs' hangars. This could cause problems as some toolboxes are located inside the hangars. Removing Tomcatz hangars will probably not solve the problem. I could make a version 1.4 that doesn't have Tomcatz hangars. I could then even place the toolboxes on more bases so you'll have that eye candy some more. If you have some good quality LOM or CMD models I can include them in a new scenery version aswell Just tell me what you'd like guys. PS: someone please give me a direct link via PM for the mentioned mods? Birdy
  14. The Dutch airbases are portrait uncensored in Windows live maps. Have a look....... Leeuwarden AB (fighter group: F-16) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=53.21925~5.745493&style=a&lvl=18&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12210583&encType=1 Gilze-Rijen AB (Helicopter group: Chinook, Apache, Cougar) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=51.56471~4.933419&style=a&lvl=15&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12210492&encType=1 Eindhoven AB (tranport group: F-27, C-130, KDC-10) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=51.453188~5.383784&style=a&lvl=16&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12187663&encType=1 De Peel AB (air defence group: Patriot, Hawk) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=51.512502~5.849404&style=a&lvl=16&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12187663&encType=1 Volkel AB (figher group and training: F-16) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=51.657186~5.700778&style=a&lvl=17&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12187663&encType=1 Soesterberg (sleeping, former helicopter group and home of the USAF 32TFS F-15s in the 1980's) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=52.133017~5.27024&style=a&lvl=17&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12187663&encType=1 Twenthe AB (sleeping, former fighter group F-16) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=52.272241~6.885424&style=a&lvl=15&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=15571212&encType=1 Woensdrecht AB (basic pilot training, aircraft maintenance) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=51.449875~4.341617&style=a&lvl=15&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12274352&encType=1 Deelen AB (closed, former helicopter group BO-105, Alouette-III) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=52.059048~5.876784&style=a&lvl=14&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12331278&encType=1 De Kooy ( Navy search&rescue: Lynx) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=52.924569~4.783934&style=a&lvl=18&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12210492&encType=1 Valkenburg (Sleeping navy base: former anti-sub/recon group Orion Pc-3) http://maps.live.com/default.aspx?v=2&cp=52.168128~4.420109&style=a&lvl=15&tilt=-90&dir=0&alt=-1000&scene=12198598&encType=1
  15. http://www.666th.org/downloads.php?cat_id=1
  16. The fore mentioned link the the SIMMOD site will explain how it works but you are right; building a nice new custom map involves a huge amount of work.
  17. or simply place objects on the map in the mission editor and copy the coordinates from the mission file ;) But if you want less buildings in the high-scenery I suggest to remove some house-objects from the structures\high folder.
  18. Thanks teach! Glad you guys like the mod.
  19. The Merzifon mod comprises two parts a) files that relocate the active Raznadolye airbase b) scenery file. If you want to play with squad members online that DO NOT use the Merzifon mod (but YOU want to land there every now and then) you should only use my scenery file. All other files in that ModMan package should not be installed (with the exeption of new CMD/LOM files if any)
  20. You could: a) make a new scenery file as explained on the simmod home page b) or remove all the objects that are not used in the LOW-scenes from the bazar\structures\high folder. The LOW-file uses only 106 objects (the object/file name is found between the two semi-columns below): Delete all objects (expect TREES-objects) from the structure\high folder that are not mentioned above.
  21. Awaiting the official modders forum, I thought I put one harmless comment here. Just installed the B36 base and the sim is unplayable on my rig. True I don't have a high-end PC, but LOFC runs on it smooth enough. I set all options to medium, but BS is worse than a slide show. Any ideas? PS; from the CMD window after a start-, fly and game exit:
  22. Sure no problem. Just give me some credit.
  23. Thanks Rich, always enjoy your tuto. You realy got a skill for narrating vids. Maybe nice to know, that my wife Monique actualy made the "female tower voice" (that you are using) possible. PS: Thanks for credit but its 666th Birdy not 166th LOL (never mind)
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