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  1. Doesn't work for me (sometime yes, sometime no ......) DCS Walkman "see" the .ogg files but clic on "play" has no effect, tried .wav without success. All commands work, I see title changing, but impossible to play them ..... (I am in default folder for titles, unable to change this by editing .lua)
  2. The crew just can't stand in the wheelhouse
  3. I know all this, that's why l placed a crew member on the deck. As you can see the tugboat is too small, I'm not speaking a bout real size of the boat, I'm speaking about proportion, I know very well there are different size, I leave near harbor.
  4. Offshore wind turbine can't be placed were you want on the sea, reference doesn't seems to be sea level so asset can be invisible if you place it far from coast, as in real life. I think it has not the good size (too small) but difficult to take size. Second: harbor tug is too small too (66" with mission editor's measurement tool). See screenshots.
  5. Last test, Aquitaine good size 478" , Razbam tug 66" (for me too small) and Admiral's one 119" maybe a little too big but not unrealistic (always for me), I can't add crew on deck, => invisible in mission. I used the mission editor's measurement tool. So I stop testing now, thank for your job Admiral
  6. All this to say FOR ME Admiral's tugboat seems to be more realistic than Razbam one and I'll continue to use it that's all
  7. Razbam one is part of free asset pack for all with South Atlantic map, you have it without buying this map (I don't have it). This pack is in last Openbeta. Celui de Razbam fait partie de l'asset pack gratuit de la carte Atlantique Sud, on l'a même si on n'a pas acheté la map, c'est mon cas.
  8. Are you sure Aquitaine has the good size ? Because If Razbam tug boat is too small I don't think the Admiral's one is twice too big
  9. I think your tugboat is more near reality than the Razbam one wich seems too small compared to human size as I test it
  10. It's better when the crew can be in the wheelhouse
  11. Oh yes sorry, the small one is Razbam tug boat, I think it is a little too small (make a test with crew), may Admiral's one is too big but I think it is more ralistic (living near harbor) Screen with Razbam tug boat And comparison between crew mod and airboss by ED to be sure for man size
  12. Thanks !! Just copy/paste in "Liveries" folder of the Admiral189's mod, I just rename black and red with" _SA" (South Atlantic) to make difference with those included in mod wich had same name. Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_smaVjwd4hqG2DU3eHz8WnkopSDSEXzs/view?usp=sharing
  13. Can I share here what I did with your skins ?
  14. You can adapt ED and CrazyEddies liveries to match with Admiral189 mod, I did it and works fine.
  15. Don't forget Audacity to convert mp3 to Ogg https://www.audacityteam.org/download/
  16. Waow, nice find I was waiting for such utility
  17. https://cam.em-key.de/ => Start => Download => Civil Aircraft Mod 0.87 7z
  18. It seems you have not the good folder "FA-18C-CPT-TEXTURES" vs "FA-18C_HORNET_cleanpit" as you can see post above
  19. https://cam.em-key.de/
  20. What is your problem with actual downoad link ??
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