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  1. A dude whose name has Punisher in it needs a punisher pilot...made this a long time ago... http://www.mediafire.com/?0dxmmcmmg
  2. *EDIT* Why can't you edit the thread title?!? *EDIt* Interesting article about an ex-Russian military pilot in Sudan to "teach" was shot down by ground fire in sudan while flying a Mig-29F during heavy fighting. Two notables for me if the information in this article is accurate: he had to be flying pretty low to get shot by a large caliber machine gun; the famed Russian ejection system failed this time. http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article27350
  3. Wow, much respect to you Deadman. Making a template is SERIOUS work...thanks for the excellent work!! :thumbup:
  4. My drag chutes are missing....they are there, but invisible...also texture missing from pilot's face when visor is up. Thanks for all your hard work Yeniceri!!
  5. been using my X-52 for 3 years with no problems whatsoever. got a set of the saitek pedals last year, and so far they are awesome too!
  6. Lockonfiles of course! :thumbup:
  7. I'm uploading them right now. Hey Yeni...why are there so many skin slots, but only 1 skin is available??
  8. Well here's the ones I've done so far... Light Punisher Dark Punisher Two Digital Schemes in Russian Colors
  9. Wow that's funky! The second pic makes it almost look like wood. Balsa wood: Low-observable technology for poor nations! :D
  10. I used a program called LOPE(lock on pylon editor). You can get it at lockonfiles.
  11. What national markings do you want?
  12. Anything specific you'd like to see Yeniceri?
  13. I was thinking of something like the huge unmanned refueling platform from the movie stealth...like a big flying rig with multiple large suspension balloons that you can just park in an orbit. Tell me that wouldn't be cool. :D As for the AWACS, a huge lifting body with a futuristic looking radar array would be sweet. :D
  14. Thanks for the kind words guys. I have uploaded two TW-141 skins to lockonfiles...should be up today. As for "future" lockon....bring it on! I think the next futuristic models we need are AWACS and tanker(need something to escort at least)...all the futuristic models could be put together into one download and released as a pack maybe?
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    look through this thread....there's an alternate link.
  16. Colt40Five


    Yeah this model is super cool!!!
  17. Use modman's cdds browser to look up the file names in the stock cdds files.
  18. Colt40Five

    Any news..

    Just about everything major of FC has been put on hold as ED have co-opted a lot of the community modders for DCS:BS...
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