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  1. Got mine yesterday mate, everything looks great. Will set it up today, can't wait to try it out.
  2. I have 2 of his MFD screens and have been using them for about 10 days now. These things are amazing and very easy to set up. Once they arrived I messaged CubeSim and he sent an lua file customized for my set-up He is very easy to talk to and always willing to help. I highly recommend his screens. I'm going to try and do a review at some point.
  3. These look amazing, I'd be interested in the F-16 version. And your facebook link isn't working but I found your page. https://www.facebook.com/QuickPit-Simulation-Technologies-111832513897753/
  4. Oh cool Downloading now. :D
  5. Ah yes very awesome, I've been hoping someone would make this one.
  6. Jaster

    Hellenic Vipers

    Ah very cool thanks for the heads up mate
  7. Jaster

    Hellenic Vipers

    Hi Santus, I left a comment on one of your skins about doing the original Top Gun F-16N. Here are some pics, sorry I couldn't find any better at the moment. Also added the paint guide for both HAF and F-16N to show compression. If you're interested that would be great, if not no worries.
  8. No worries mate, I look forward to hearing from you once you're on top of things.
  9. Hi Mikhail, I too would like to be put on the wait list. PM sent also.
  10. Squadron Name: The Flying Kiwis Teamspeak/Discord: N/A Contact person Discord ID: Jaster#9320 Aircraft Selection. F-16C Pilots: Australia - Jaster
  11. The link to tromac's bushranger skin is dead. Can anyone point me to another link to download it from? Or if you can send it to me. Googled it but no luck so far.
  12. No it's actually about 2 mm bigger. In the pic below you can see the green border and the black/grey screen area behind the MFD. I'm just asking if anyone could tell me if it would work with a HDMI board like the one below or similar? https://tinyurl.com/tgmdg59
  13. Could anyone tell me if these would be able to be used? They would fit nicely behind the MFD's but I don't know anything about this stuff so I don't know if they could be used. http://www.panelook.com/DBS071BIXxxLx-7-1-768-768-IPS-square-LCD-30-85-operation-original-cell-customized-LCM-detail_67416.html http://www.panelook.com/DBS071BIAxxLx-7-1-600-600-IPS-square-LCD-30-85-operation-original-cell-customized-LCM-detail_67415.html
  14. Oh wow that's very nice, would love this skin. Where in Thailand are you Oban? I'm in Pattaya.
  15. Ooooo you're a dirty girl haha Very nice
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