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  1. Wonderfull Piotr what a beast of work.
  2. Excellent, maybe one days screens exporting too?
  3. Ok Piotr help me trough facebook and the problem is coming from the IP adress of my tablet who have changed. Don't forget to update the script folder to have the last upgrade working. Big thanks Piotr for your help.
  4. Hi Piotr, I've some trouble with the new version. F-16 ICP is working but DED does not appears. F-14 warning display is not working. I've downloaded and install the new script file to be sure. FA-18 is working well.
  5. Very good application I can't fly without it now.:D I'm full addict. Are expecting to do something for the mirage 2000C? Like INS programmation for example.
  6. How can we update the application?
  7. A big thanks to pet333R for his help to resolve my problem. I really recommend this application, easy to use and who's helpfull in flight on our favorite aircraft. First to contact Piotr, look at your firewall, disable it to try and if it don't work contact Piotr.
  8. "install.bat" and "install.ps1" does not work correctly they are not recognize the version of DCS who's installed. Must I copy all the directory like this or all files directly in the directory?
  9. Where can I find the right config.lua with port and listener port? Each aircraft have his own config.lua but without these numbers. Can I Take the one you set in your picture?
  10. No, I've just added some skin in the liveries folder.
  11. Yes each time I Fly with the F-16C, I've also tried to map other hottas button but without success...
  12. Since the last patch I can't anymore use my radio. I've mapped UHF/VHF interrup on my hotas. In the first edition radio are perfectly working but not anymore since the last update :noexpression::noexpression: Can somebody help me?
  13. What kind of program are you using with DDS file who can't be open with dxt2bmp? DDS plugin in photoshop is not working too...
  14. Some DDS files will not be open by DXT2BMP do you use another program to do it?
  15. Not working on the new version of DCS open beta :(
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