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  1. Good to know they should, that makes it a problem here that I should be able to solve. Thanks, time for some more digging.
  2. I`m just diving into the rabbit hole of tweaking DCS in VR, and found this thread about these shaders. I have tried installing the latest Clear water + IC version (from first post) via OvGME, as well as taking a copy of the bazar folder and copying the contents into the existing bazar dir, neither of which appears to make any difference. I`m guessing the "" in the filename means they currently are not working for If so, thats OK, i`ll wait for an updated version... if they should be working, then I have bigger issues
  3. Well, adding Capt Zeen's export file and loading Loz 2.1 profile (resetting monitors so its on the right screen) worked perfectly!! Just need to look at getting the viewports sorted for the MFDs and other assorted bits, but everything that should have worked out-of-the-box did work exactly as planned :) Thank you so very very much for the pointers to get this working!
  4. Cant even get the gauges to move right now, even using that guide above. I`ll take another look at it later, have spent far too long today trying to work it out, with little progress so far...
  5. I see a few posts about tweaking Helios to make it run with recent version, but can anyone point me in the right direction for a beginners "Start here" guide to getting it running at all? Any/All help would be greatly appreciated :)
  6. Hurrah for fixing the expired cert, which allowed uMFCD to start correctly :) Sadly, my vanilla steam-installed DCS crashes with uMFCD running as soon as the "loading" bar completes for any mission. (Win7 x64)
  7. Me too.... returning to flight after far too many years, got my multiple screens sorted out, and then discover that I cant use them for UltraMFCD goodies :)
  8. Well, after I actually RTFM for EMC, its all working just fine! Just sorting out my HOTAS and TIR5, and i`ll be flying again. Its been far too many years to remember since I last did this...
  9. I went in and hand edited the graphics entry in options.lua, and removed 50 pixels from width and height values, and it now fires up a windowed version that almost completely fills the screen. That will do! Now all I have to do is work out why EMC isnt working for my install...
  10. To be honest, its not TouchBuddy related this time. TB actually tries very hard not to allow the window to become active, but windows itself sometimes ignores the flag that is set on the TB window.. grrr!! Anyway, I wanted to use Easy Monitor Configurator (http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=71831, and it requires the primary view to be in windowed mode rather than full screen. Kind of sucks to run the game in a slower windowed mode *AND* at less than full resolution. Lets see if anyone has a solution that I havent found in my frantic googling! :)
  11. Hi all A bit of a weird one, and unsure if its DCSW, NVidia or Windows that is causing the issue. My native screen res is 2560x1440. If I deselect "full screen" from the options and select the full screen resolution, the windows is actually a "full screen" window (i.e. if I click outside that window, it minimizes). If I change the resolution to 1920x1440 (i.e narrower but same height), then the window is still actually a full screen window. If I then drop down to 1920x1200, then DCS does start in windowed mode, and clicking outside that windows doenst cause it to minimize. Has anyone come across this issue before, and have a solution? Its a real puzzler for me, spent a good couple of hours installing, removing, reinstalling, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. here you go, a file supplied with the TB install docs/predef-and-rawkey-reference.html
  13. RAWKEY or PREDEF macros will do exactly what you are looking for. I suggest you read the docs (because I havent done any TB dveleopment for nearly 2 years, so I couldnt actually tell you how they work... I know they do... but I cant tell you :) )
  14. From a quick look, I am pretty sure that the LUA export for Black Shark as about as limited as it was for Flaming Cliffs.... so extremely doubtful the ABRIS data can be exported.
  15. As far as I am aware, if you set up the video config to diaply the ABRIS on the second screen, it is *NOT* a clickable ABRIS. You will still need to use either the keyboard or click on the "in cockpit" view of the ABRIS.
  16. Me too! (No, I`m not joking :) )
  17. Well, that was a fun trip down to Bristol. Good to talk to Jim and Urze there. The RC Simulation Heavy Metal Band decide which Guitar to use, while Jim wonders where the groupies are! Bob surprises us all with the first viewing of the Daffodil Simulator! "Tell me again, what does this button do?" Urze says "Ah, I think I have the hang of it now", as he brings it in for a perfect nose first landing on the back of the IL76 Jim takes the D-Box for a flight Anyone care to own up as to who the unknown three are? The D-Box just rocks, it really does. I`m sure I only need one kidney, right? :music_whistling: BS on a triplehead2go, with long reach joystick and decent collective, TIR4, Saitek Headphones (is that right??), all perched on top of the D-box. You almost couldnt get much better than that. I must have flown about 3 times as much today as I have flown BS at home so far. I`ll get the hang of it soon, honest!
  18. Were you expecting to be able to get out for a quick swim? :)
  19. I`m no expert on this... in fact I totally hosed my install somehow and had to remove and reinstall it. Dont take any advice from me :) I *THINK* my config should work on any dual screen horizontal span screen, because I have no hard coded sizes, its calculates from the screen size supplied instead.
  20. woohoo! AMD X2 4800+, 2 x 20" screens, each running 1600x1200, NVidia 7800GT in horizontal span mode, BlackShark running in full screen mode. Adding the Shkval and ABRIS to the second screen costs almost zero FPS. Description = 'Camera on Left Monitor, Shkval and ABRIS on the right' Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = screen.width / 2; height = screen.height; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = screen.aspect / 2; } } Shkval = { x = screen.width / 2; y = screen.height / 4; width = screen.width / 4; height = screen.height /2; } ABRIS = { x = screen.width *(3 / 4); y = 0; width = screen.width / 4; height = screen.height; }
  21. Gah, bloody Zone alarm blocking quietly in the background :(
  22. protect.exe say v5.6.something, and yet when I run it, it doesnt show me the top section of driver managment options on that page. It shows the bottom two, and trying them hasnt helped at all. Any other way of getting SF uninstalled that you are aware of?
  23. Hi all Using a 1C purchased RU version, and has been working fine for a few days. Then I try messing with the multihead options to move the Shkval and ABRIS onto second screens, and it died horribly. Now the "simulation" part wont fire up. The launcher is fine, but when I load a mission, a track or even just instant action, DCS.exe is running but crashes with the following on screen alert. The temp folder only has an empty error.log file. I used backup copies of the files I changed, and still nothing worked. I have removed BS, rebooted, reinstalled (it didnt ask for activation again), and still not happy. All screen config files are back at default, nothing remains of my multihead disaster :) Anyone got any wild ideas? Howabout uninstalling and reinstalling the StarForce drivers (its a "protect.exe" based error, so thats probably a good bet), but how should I do that, and will that affect my LO:FC installation (DVD)? Any help would be gratefully received.
  24. Really? Cool.... I think you have something I might need ;-) Would that be a good time and place? It will be an early arrival and early departure as I need to be back in Cambridge for the evening for a friend's birthday meal that I really cant get out of (I have tried!)
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