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  1. I bought the CD version. Now I can see why my decision not to jump when it was first released was good one.
  2. Well, we have the F-22. What about stealthy Boeing 747s? We can deploy hundreds or thousands of them in enemy territories and they can't even be seen by radar. :rolleyes: Oh, wait, they could be spotted by airline pilots. :p
  3. The assumsion is that after you kill all the enemy defences, they are so desperate to lauch their ICBMs. Should it be the other around? LoL.
  4. Wow, that's close. I wonder if there are no proximity fuse, what the kill rates will be for the missiles.
  5. Is it that the European AWACS use the newer phase array radar, so it can do much more than its rotating counter part on US AWACS? Because AFAIK, the US doesn't have a METEOR equivalent (I could be wrong).
  6. What are the chances of leting the AWACS taking over the guiding of the missile after it's launched? Is this also due to the change in characteristic of radar signal received? A few years a go, the US secret service showed case a system such that it can pin point the exact location of a sniper by just listening to the sound created by the turbulence of a flying bullet. Don't know if a warning system based on a simular principle can be developed.
  7. Why not. These days, you can order a roll of fiberoptic on the internet. Seriousely, if RWRs detect missile launch by the data-link, I can think of several ways that scare the hell of those pilots. ;)
  8. Thanks IK and GG. Learnt something new every day. I guess data-link signature is acquired during intel gathering at peace time. Hey, what about wired guided long range missiles. LoL.
  9. Now tell me how a RWR works again :icon_roll . When the 120 is in its first phase of flight, and if the radar guiding the missile is in STT mode, you will get a LOCK warning. No warning in TWS mode. If you say otherwise, then show me how a RWR distinguishes a radar LOCK from a radar LOCK follew by LAUNCH. :rolleyes:
  10. True. It is just that our friend Mr. Beast here is keep saying that the 120 is a fire and forget type. You know what, cannon shells are fire and forget too. LoL.
  11. No. Before the 120 goes active; if your radar losses track of the target, the missile is useless, and there are many ways to loss track of your target. TWS works by comparing target parameters of successive scan instead of maintaining a constant bean on the target. By comparing target parameters from multiple returns of different scans. The radar is able to tell return x of this scan is from the same object as return y of the last scan. So the radar can kind of "lock" on to the target. If the parameters of the return is different enough, the radar can be fooled into thinking it is a different object, and that is one way you can loss track of a target. As what parameters do radars used for their heuristic target designation, they are clasify, and diferent manufacturer and different countries have their own tricks.
  12. Track While Scan. This mode is designed to simultaneously engage multiple targets for the 120 and R-77.
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