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  1. I love all of the posts arguing about how this should have been more real. Lordy...99% of people don't care. They don't make movies for the 1% of nerds on this forum who know stuff and things or think they do. If they did the movie wouldn't make money. It's why documentaries don't go on the big screen and don't make anywhere near the amount of money that these blockbusters do. After speaking with some of my sim friends and non-sim fans... all of the stuff we (sim fans) think is cool none of the non-sim fans do. The callout to switches in the tomcat or extinguishing the engines in the hornet followed by spooling up the APU... no one cares about except us. If you want to critique the movie critique the dumb boat scene (albeit with a great joke). And the over the top rivalry between Rooster and Hangman. Instead of the Darkstar crap they should have shown Rooster and Hangman flying in Afghanistan and some mishap that occurred to cause them to hate each other or some additional context to why they cant do this mission without Maverick other than a single line of "just dropping bombs for the last couple decades". Maverick doing Darkstar was cool... but you didnt need that scene to highlight the fact that he's a "maverick". We all know this. All that being said I rate it as a 8/10; it's an absolutely fantastic movie. Too much CGI in some of the dogfight scenes for me (specifically when they are training; the other stuff is understandable), but seriously a very enjoyable film. The original is a 10/10 for me. But it's hard to break that bias as it is literally my favorite movie. I still have the original VHS of it that my father got me; I wasnt even 2 yet.
  2. I've used both. TPR are better IMHO.
  3. I much prefer the TPRs. I think they feel more realistic. You can buy an easy mod to add a dampner to the TPRs: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275051740617?hash=item400a5c7dc9:g:r8AAAOSwfoNhqt-L&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4OuzzA6wVQztRlMgqZT3C214E7w%2F21PQ3H3wgIKVUbxLsjLWavsktbU0vMK%2FMSULzFX7u6oHxz6IoKuf%2BGHprMm66VjCDda8lsxMEM1VOXjGKH1P2RVCe2OHjJbEjG8v9a%2B%2BcQHPsdRQz4OPQL16fEmsW00OUmY%2FaQ1X9%2B2V33cGy63ueo8Hd0zkns1IPoP9x%2B9j69QxjYzbyCE5fDCRmpsy7naSiCrG7GO%2BPHVQHT2waAn32P1OXar9dTDRHyh6Yu49PSnCc57ChHVunlLJYFl2eCBe6xjHn8zccs6Al8kV|tkp%3ABFBM2vqY0pdg
  4. I can add to this topic. Apache is completely unplayable in VR, suttering movement, slow ghosting, it's really, really bad. All other modules are running at 80-90 FPS and screentime in the green. My settings are pretty much medium. If more specifics are needed I can provide them, but there is no explanation for the terrible VR performance I am experiencing in the Apache. HP Reverb G2 i7 12700 OC'd 5.5ghz; 3080ti; 32GB ddr5 5600. DCS on a 1TB NVME; Windows10 on a 250gb NVME
  5. Guys... ED just said it's on the list of things to improve. In real life, items are prioritized and implemented by impact, effort and resources. Sounds like it is lower on the priority but on the list none-the-less. In the same way that real probe and drogue effects are on the horizon, too. The reality is what we have, in terms of realistic wakes contrasted to probe and drogue, is plenty good enough to hold us over until they have the capacity to implement such improvements. Along with Gonky's comments are that it's difficult to fly the DCS hornet because he doesn't "feel" the g forces to know how fast he's going either. The fact is this is a simulation and a desktop consumer simulation at that. We will never match 1:1 to flying the real bird. So just know you're going to have to make compromises. Finally, no where in the notes or list of features of the Super Carrier module does it say realistic wakes. This is probably because it's a core DCS feature and has nothing to do with the module itself.
  6. Basically what edmuss said directly above. There are WMR Settings, SteamVR Settings and DCS settings. Some of these settings are buried in submenus and based on the responses I was finally able to identify, change and test these to success.
  7. You might be surprised and I only say that because I use my desk in a similar way; work/gaming. Monstertech has been offering some custom bottom mounted solutions fixed with epoxy. It allows HOTAS mounts to slide freely or quick disconnect. I'm not pushing you one way or the obviously. We all have our own preferences and solutions... just giving you some other options that could work, is all.
  8. I built a HOTAS stand several years ago with sand... its not sturdy. Probably schedule 40 though. But at that price point (sch80) and the mock up above you might as well just buy a couple Monstertech mounts and call it a day.
  9. problem with PVC is it flexes - I would not recommend going the PVC route.
  10. Well these settings made the world of a difference so thank you all for spending time with me on your Sunday to help explain these things... I'll have a lot to adjust within DCS itself so I'll spend the next few hours doing that. I even have my DCS bios panels working for my simpit, too without causing issues. 90hz vs. 60... what's the difference? Is the alternative 30fps?
  11. omg I figured it out... there are way too many places that settings are located. They just need one app with one set of settings. I'll give this a test now.
  12. I guess I'm confused... I don't know what WMR for Steam VR settings. I have a Mixed Realty Portal that when I select settings take me to the windows settings above. Is there something else I should be downloading? I've tried searching for WMR for Steam VR settings and I cant find anything.
  13. Looks like I have motion smoothing on. See SteamVR and windows Headset settings.
  14. That's in the Steam VR settings, right? I switched that on and I did not notice any difference. It seemed roughly the same.
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