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  1. I've used both. TPR are better IMHO.
  2. I much prefer the TPRs. I think they feel more realistic. You can buy an easy mod to add a dampner to the TPRs: https://www.ebay.com/itm/275051740617?hash=item400a5c7dc9:g:r8AAAOSwfoNhqt-L&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4OuzzA6wVQztRlMgqZT3C214E7w%2F21PQ3H3wgIKVUbxLsjLWavsktbU0vMK%2FMSULzFX7u6oHxz6IoKuf%2BGHprMm66VjCDda8lsxMEM1VOXjGKH1P2RVCe2OHjJbEjG8v9a%2B%2BcQHPsdRQz4OPQL16fEmsW00OUmY%2FaQ1X9%2B2V33cGy63ueo8Hd0zkns1IPoP9x%2B9j69QxjYzbyCE5fDCRmpsy7naSiCrG7GO%2BPHVQHT2waAn32P1OXar9dTDRHyh6Yu49PSnCc57ChHVunlLJYFl2eCBe6xjHn8zccs6Al8kV|tkp%3ABFBM2vqY0pdg
  3. I can add to this topic. Apache is completely unplayable in VR, suttering movement, slow ghosting, it's really, really bad. All other modules are running at 80-90 FPS and screentime in the green. My settings are pretty much medium. If more specifics are needed I can provide them, but there is no explanation for the terrible VR performance I am experiencing in the Apache. HP Reverb G2 i7 12700 OC'd 5.5ghz; 3080ti; 32GB ddr5 5600. DCS on a 1TB NVME; Windows10 on a 250gb NVME
  4. Guys... ED just said it's on the list of things to improve. In real life, items are prioritized and implemented by impact, effort and resources. Sounds like it is lower on the priority but on the list none-the-less. In the same way that real probe and drogue effects are on the horizon, too. The reality is what we have, in terms of realistic wakes contrasted to probe and drogue, is plenty good enough to hold us over until they have the capacity to implement such improvements. Along with Gonky's comments are that it's difficult to fly the DCS hornet because he doesn't "feel" the g forces to know how fast he's going either. The fact is this is a simulation and a desktop consumer simulation at that. We will never match 1:1 to flying the real bird. So just know you're going to have to make compromises. Finally, no where in the notes or list of features of the Super Carrier module does it say realistic wakes. This is probably because it's a core DCS feature and has nothing to do with the module itself.
  5. Basically what edmuss said directly above. There are WMR Settings, SteamVR Settings and DCS settings. Some of these settings are buried in submenus and based on the responses I was finally able to identify, change and test these to success.
  6. You might be surprised and I only say that because I use my desk in a similar way; work/gaming. Monstertech has been offering some custom bottom mounted solutions fixed with epoxy. It allows HOTAS mounts to slide freely or quick disconnect. I'm not pushing you one way or the obviously. We all have our own preferences and solutions... just giving you some other options that could work, is all.
  7. I built a HOTAS stand several years ago with sand... its not sturdy. Probably schedule 40 though. But at that price point (sch80) and the mock up above you might as well just buy a couple Monstertech mounts and call it a day.
  8. problem with PVC is it flexes - I would not recommend going the PVC route.
  9. Well these settings made the world of a difference so thank you all for spending time with me on your Sunday to help explain these things... I'll have a lot to adjust within DCS itself so I'll spend the next few hours doing that. I even have my DCS bios panels working for my simpit, too without causing issues. 90hz vs. 60... what's the difference? Is the alternative 30fps?
  10. omg I figured it out... there are way too many places that settings are located. They just need one app with one set of settings. I'll give this a test now.
  11. I guess I'm confused... I don't know what WMR for Steam VR settings. I have a Mixed Realty Portal that when I select settings take me to the windows settings above. Is there something else I should be downloading? I've tried searching for WMR for Steam VR settings and I cant find anything.
  12. Looks like I have motion smoothing on. See SteamVR and windows Headset settings.
  13. That's in the Steam VR settings, right? I switched that on and I did not notice any difference. It seemed roughly the same.
  14. I decided to check out VR again in DCS. I got the Reverb G2 and I'm pretty impressed with the headset and lenses, in other games. Anyway... My frames show above 45 in most scenes (the frame counter that DCS displays) even well into the 60s/70s and 80s. However the cockpit, when I move around, microstutters and ghosts. It's really choppy when I move around. In fact, if I keep my head still, looking forward, the scenes and things flying by my view are pretty smooth. but it's whenever I move around... things ghost, micro stutter, it feels terrible. Interestingly enough, when I take my headset off and move it around, the reprojection of it onto the monitor looks smooth, but man when that headset is on it is absolutely atrocious. Any thoughts? DCS Settings: - Stock VR settings; even lowered everything to the lowest with no improvement - I also turned off all of my exports in the .lua and cleared out the typical cache folders. - PD set to 1 STEAM VR Settings: - Refresh @90hz - Resolution per eye: 60-150% no noticeable change - Super Sampling off Windows Settings: - I followed the various guides and have all of the normal non-sense that windows thinks is better turned off. I'm running: 8700k @5.2ghz EVGA Hydrocopper 3080ti 32gb RAM NVME for windows SSD dedicated to DCS.
  15. Let me rephrase my question; based on the Newsletter(s) it sounds like there are a bunch of significant changes coming to the core application (Additional Edge updates, Vulkcan, multicore support, etc.). Will those core changes impact our ability to have home cockpits as they exist today (Exports, DCSBios, etc.)?
  16. Question related to the future release of Vulkan and Edge 2.7... Do we have any idea if exports, as they currently exist, will be supported through this release? That is, setting the client to window only and expanding the client view screen to other monitors so that MFD can display on other monitors, etc; along with all of the exports related to DCS Bios? Basically, those of us who have built home cockpits -- do we know if these will still work like they do today for future significant client updates?
  17. Admittedly it has been awhile since I've flown, but when I hopped into a hornet today to do some A/G I noticed when zooming into a target with the Lightening that the zoom seems to stutter vs. smooth. Previously, the zoom was completely smooth vs. noticeable changes between 1x,2x,etc... is this working as intended? I tried going back to some of the patch notes and saw nothing on it.
  18. There are two ways to handle this: 1) Use a momentary on/off switch. I've often used a SPDT switch in this case where center is a neutral position and I can momentarily push up to cycle the APU or push backwards to shut-off. It acts as a momentary button, but switch form. 2) In terms of button boards... if you're building your own you can have a "single pulse" sent vs. a "continuous pulse". A single pulse will send a momentary signal to the controller. This would allow the switch to cycle back in game. However, the switch in real life will still be in the up position. I believe the thrustmaster application allows you to change some of the behavior in the way switches react. I think you can make that APU switch send a single pulse, but it has been quite awhile since I messed with TM gear. I'd love to see a magnetically latching button box. I've even investigated my own. The switches are quite expensive and you often need a separate power supply since they drain more juice than a typical USB device would handle. It's not worth the cost IMHO.
  19. They are working on all new pilot models. This is the old pilot with the updated JHMCS. I assume the mask will follow suit, too. If you swap out for NVGs your pilot still has the JHMCS IIRC, this is obviously a WIP. We all need to stop being rivet counters here as this thread is a bit out of control. We know the hornet model ED is building, we know the single rack is not part of that model and it's nice they created skins for other countries that use the legacy to create some inclusion even though it's not 100%.
  20. I was able to figure it out on the Discord with some help.
  21. So I am so confused as to what files I need to download. Here is what I did: I went here: https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/dcs-bios and clicked the green code button. From there I downloaded it as a .zip. I linked the doc folder to chrome for the control references. I added "dofile(lfs.writedir()..[[Scripts\DCS-BIOS\BIOS.lua]])" to my export script. I commented out DCSBIOS Hub's line so that it will not be executed. I went to: H:\DCS BIOS_old fork\DCS-BIOS\Programs and launched the multiple com ports.cmd and got the following error: 'socat\socat' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. I have no idea, at this point, how to link my arduino boards on COM3,4,5,6,7,8,9 to get them to work.
  22. okay - I think I'll make the shift to your fork. I'm having an issue though with the installation instructions here: https://github.com/DCSFlightpanels/DCSFlightpanels/wiki/Installation It says to "click on assets to expand a list of downloadable files"... where is the assets link? I do not see that anywhere. **Nevermind - I figured it out, I think***
  23. Hello - I finally was able to make the ECM change for the hornet, but it is still not working in game. Before changes to DCS Bios : defineTumb("ECM_MODE_SW", 0, 3116, 248, 0.1, {0.0, 0.4}, nil, false, "Dispenser/EMC Panel", "ECM Mode Switch, XMIT/REC/BIT/STBY/OFF") After Changes: defineTumb("ECM_MODE_SW", 66, 3001, 248, 0.1, {0.0, 0.4}, nil, false, "Dispenser/EMC Panel", "ECM Mode Switch, XMIT/REC/BIT/STBY/OFF") Ardunio code: const byte ecmModeSwPins[9] = {27, 29, 31, 33, 35}; DcsBios::SwitchMultiPos ecmModeSw("ECM_MODE_SW", ecmModeSwPins, 9); This was working prior to the implementation of the jammer. Any ideas?
  24. Thank you! I'll make the adjustment -- appreciate it!
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