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  1. In this video i try to represent all the bugs in the list
  2. I believe ? It's easy to try, try it and you will see how none of this works. tested in 2.5.2 open beta last update Regards.
  3. Any dev can confirm some of this bugs?
  4. 1-The roll center button doesn't work. 2-Radio volume rotary doesn't work. 3-Sidewinder volume rotary doesn't work. 4-The Emergency backup lighting switck doesn't work, manually and loss of AC tested. 5-The Formation / position light brightness doesn't work. 6-No differences between dim and bright position in the Navigation lights. 7-The backup generator doesn't deploy the Rat, is the rat modeled? 8-The pitch gearing works? The advisory in the right caution panel doesn't illuminated when you put the switch in landing position and i cant feel any change in the pitch control. Regards
  5. Hi Cobra, When will we have the ep-13 control sight and the rat? Nice update.
  6. The navigation mode are broken. Only shown the two first waypoints, and the engine temp flag shown OFF when the electrical power is on. OpenBeta 2.5.2
  7. -The rotary "sidewinder tone volume" only change the master volume but not the sidewinder tone. Ck37 weapon status Manual page 278 -0 Indicates that the weapon has been released -->Only indicates 0 when I do a jettison and the pylons fall. When i do a normally shoot the symbol doesnt change to 0. Only the rockets and the bombs do it. -The selected pylon is indicated by a blinking symbol -->Seems that it doesn't work, I dont see any blinking symbol when i select a weapon. 1.5.8 version Regards
  8. gusanako

    police light

    +1 The police light doesn`t work
  9. Thanks! But if i have a flight plan, i dont know if i fly to waypoint one or two or seven, for example the F-15 show a number of waypoint selected in the HUD and the Su-27 in the HDD, but the Mig-29 only show in the HDD the HUD but in the HUD doesn't have any indication about the current waypoint selected of the flight plan. Sorry for my poor english :music_whistling:
  10. One question... how navigate through the waypoints with the mig 29? , no indication about the current waypoint in the HUD or HDD... Regards.
  11. Ecm light doesn't works and the indicator of remaining chaff/flares all the time indicate "60" Regards!:thumbup:
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