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  1. seams that with the last patch all is in place correctly, and you were right it work in the root aircraft directory. Originally it was part of the Harrier structure for the KC135MPRS and KC130. thx for your input/fix
  2. Is there any changes made in the folder structure for the KC-130 ? Since a couple of week I dont why, but the liveries dont load anymore. if anyone can point out how I can fit it, please share. my current livery folder is here : ...\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Liveries\AV8BNA\KC130 all liveries are in their proper folder if anyone can point out how I can fit it, please share. The description.lua livery = { {"KC-130_fusel", 0 ,"C-130_map_fus_RCAF_KC-130_Light",false}; {"KC-130_wing", 0 ,"C-130_map_wings_RCAF_KC-130_Light",false}; {"KC-130_wing_2", 0 ,"C-130_map_wings_2_RCAF_KC-130_Light",false}; {"KC-130_notes", 0 ,"C-130_notes_empty",false}; {"KC-130_FPod", 0 ,"kc-130_map_drg_RCAF_KC-130_Light",false}; } name = "RCAF_KC-130_Light" --countries = {"CAN", "USA"} I will share one of my livery for you to check out. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1udZZi949_vTVBAUA0c8WkNfr_6SOzzic/view?usp=sharing The only livery we see now is the default US and nothing else is available. How can I fix this ? Thanks
  3. Can we get it somewhere ? I<m mostly interested by your Canadian C-17 livery. thanks
  4. here's my complete description.lua and what I did with your direction, but unfortunalty I dont see the Livery anymore available in the list... :( What did I do wrong... ?
  5. sorry, I dont get it... for me I still have those dam board numbers... Here's my code with an image exemple... If someone can tell me what I did wrong it would help a lot. merci :helpsmilie:
  6. Still can't get rid of this only digit '0' in the front... any solution ideas ? For the rest on the livery I managed to get it to work ok.
  7. Where is this description.lua exactly (the path please) ? thank you.
  8. still after today's patch its not working... unable to watch your own track even if you host the multiplayer game... actually you are invisible in the replay track from your own mission host. The only way I was able to capture from a session I flew is from another pilot who was spectator in the mission. Hope ED take this bug seriously... its been a long time this is broke. Please ED fix this... its the only way for us content creator to be able to capture video for editing. It's not always possible to capture live for specific cam shots especially with focal distortion. please agree to this post by adding a small comment so ED spot this post and capture the light to motivate their troop to fix the replay to a minimum that is functionnal with your own aircraft... Otherwise making promo video from Tacview is kind of low poly :(
  9. We've been doing one on one BFM fight for a while now and week after week the replay tracks seem not to work very good. The problem is that yes the track replay but I dont see my aircraft... its not spawning. But all other aircraft are there. I've notice many bugs regarding the replay from time to time. Sometime a track is broken and dont play well anymore with time as if each time there is a DCS update the replay of older tracks dont work well anymore. Is this a known issue that someone at ED can fix ? For us doing videos it is very usefull, ... :cry:
  10. this is what we always wanted ! much thx Colmilo for the path fix ! :D
  11. also, related question... where can we find the list of AI aircraft included either by default with Normandi map and, or the Asset pack... I wasnt able to find any information on this in the main web page and anything in the newsletter.
  12. Mmm... just tried it... I tried to change only one name in this list, POTI for TONY and it seams not to work. I checked in the mission editor map and in flight with F-10 map. Unfortunatly I didnt get it to work :cry: Thx chromium for your help on this
  13. I personnaly dont mind about the model of the Caucasus, if only we could change the names of cities, etc, some people you know would find this usefull. Your comment is in other terms personnal and non very cunstructive regarding this topic. If you dont like it it's ok, it's your right, but I just dont get why you took time only to respond to this post... ?
  14. Livery for CANADA - Royal Canadian Air Force / 425 Alouette Squadron Grey, blue (inspiration from the CF-18 present day Grey-blue color scheme. This Livery is compatible with JSGME of course... If you like it, please share by all means! ...Enjoy! Some other variants coming soon! :D http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2033807/ https://s14.postimg.org/aa6ydvmld/Screen_Capture_Sample_Livery_M2000_C_RCAF_425_Grey_2.jpg
  15. actually for now the reply we get are speculation on how labor intensive it is or not...we just dont know if its possible. But I beleive there is a file with all names inside that you can change once in this file and this would affect all other items linked to this... F10 map. but I think of course this would not change the bitmap maps included in the TAD of the A-10C and the ABRIS map of the KA-50. but again... does this file exist and is it possible to change ... ? that is the question :( ED please make this possible ... would be so usefull.
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